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Just Let Us Love // Happy Pride Month!!

May 31, 2020


I feel bad when my parents tease me about having a husband in the future,
"Will you forget about us when you marry the man of your dreams?"

But what if, what if it was a female?
What if it might be either?

I feel bad when others say:
"Why do you like both? Just choose one, it's not that hard"

It is hard. very hard, in fact.
Do I have to choose?
Why can't I like both?
Why must you make me decide?
Why must you make me feel unwanted?

What do you mean, when you say:
   "You can't like both!"

What do you mean, when you say:
    "That's not even a thing?.."

What do you mean, when you say:
   "But how do you like both?"

What do you mean, when you say:
   "But they don't even exist."

Are we monsters for liking both,
or are you the monster for
not letting us love?

If you think we don't exist,
think again, because we are real.
More real than your fake self.

Your fake self for saying we don't exist,
Your fake self for making us choose,
Your fake self for not letting us be who we are.


// Note: //

A lot of people may get confused between Pansexual and Bisexual so here is the difference:
- Being Pan means you are attracted to people no matter their gender. (of course, you respect it, but it just doesn't affect the way you feel about someone in terms of attraction).
- Being Bisexual is similar, you are attracted to more than one gender, but gender does affect the way you feel towards someone. (for example, a bisexual person may be attracted to females and non-binary people, (more than one gender) but not towards males) It is the same way a straight person is not attracted to people of the same gender.

> I hope this helped some confused people >w<
I was motivated to write this thanks to this amazing poem:

> This poem is dedicated to Pride Moth (which is tomorrow in Australia) and written by a proud Bi human!
If you are part of the Lgbt community then: happy pride month and I hope you enjoy it! And if you aren't, Happy pride month! because you are still welcome to celebrate with others who are!

P.S if you are afraid to come out of the closet, don't worry you aren't alone - I haven't come out to my parents yet, either! But remember, do it when it feels right, don't be pressured.


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  • WinterBerry

    Thanks for the wishes everyone!!

    6 months ago
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    So I am approximately halfway through my Cedric + Hermione series. I am so happy that so many people have enjoyed this series. Thank you so much! Also, I have two new series that I have recently started writing. “Eight People To Go” and “The Academy of Minds.” Be sure to check them out! Thank you for being such a wonderful follower! ;)

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    Happy pride month!

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    happy pride month! pride starts tomorrow for me, but happy pride to you!

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Coming out can be super liberating, but also scary, so I wish you the best, if you do decide to come out to your parents. <3 Happy Pride Month!

    6 months ago