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May 31, 2020


The doctor sent me to the optometrist to see if the problem was in my eyes or my brain. I passed with flying colors, only missing one question. A color blind test with the number 72 written in green and red dots. I said 27. I guess that answers the eyes or brain question. Dyslexia, the doctor said. I’m dyslexic, which would explain why my Bs and Ds wer- are the same thing.  Why would a dyslexic want to take ap lang? seems a bit counterproductive. Well, its because this dyslexic dreams of being a writer. Ever since I could remember I loved to tell stories and soon I loved the words in which I told them.  Words were, and still are, my everything.  Reading them, writing them, hearing them, being strung into sentences which are strung into pharagafes into pages into books, my heart blossomed and so an ever-present love was formed. I long to write a book that will, upon finishing it, linger in the air and in your heart. A book that will undoubtedly change the world. 
My one enemy, a large and menacing creature, procrastination. I stare procrastination in the face as he draws my phone ever closer and my work further away until I forget internally that there was work to be done. This year he was the ugliest, dragging my grades down and down until I lost all motivation. However, compering procrastination with a monster is part of my problem. Characterize it into a being I can not control, something that is inevitable, when, in reality, I can tame it. Like a pit bull, known and feared for being aggressive, but in actuality, they are calm and loving animals. Only when a it is left neglected and unloved does it become a scary thing. I will take that once-neglected pitbull and love it, show it that there is time for both work and play.  This is no easy task. Like writing a book will be, getting a hold on my work habits will be douting. I believe in my self, and I hope you will to. I may be a slow reader and my spelling is less than perfect, and the number of self projects that I have started and never finished is scary but I will do my best to show you and me and the rest of the freaking world that dyslexia is not my weakness that it is a powerhouse of creativity that I will be quick to harness.
this was a assignment on why we wanted to take ap lang next year and I really liked it so I thought I would post it on here


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