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By: Anne Blackwood


tension and muscles and strain
pretzeling and fighting against my own body
no sleep for hours; i ache now
feet up next to the clock

r e l i e f ?

capsules of expectation
sticking inside my harsh inhalations
drinking down hope

womanhood is taxing

it is not night anymore
but it is still dark
eyes closed - no
another breath and then

s t i l l n e s s

Cramps suck, amirite?

Message to Readers

Cramps + mystery disease literally forced me to leave my first in-person church service (don't worry it's legal) today. >:(

Peer Review

Wow. I was amazed by the spacing, the movement and tenseness of the piece, and the word choice. Overall, this poem is just wonderful.

The capsules of expectation part took me a few moments to understand, but I did like it. I wonder if there is a way to make it more clear what you are talking about here?

Reviewer Comments

This is really well-written! Nice job!