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The lady of the lake

June 1, 2020


The lady gazed upon the sun lit sky watching the scenes unfold.

Her lazy blue eyes drifted over to the water lily's still and silent but speaking a thousand words. 

The gentle mist settled over the lake as her creamy white robes lay suspended in the water.  

Her long fire red hair falls onto her shoulders.

Excalibur clung tightly to her chest.

Her smooth pink stained cheeks a sign of her everlasting youth. 

A talisman and key in the form of a golden amulet dangles down from her neck. 

Constellations in her eyes, weakened slowly by the weight of her past.      

The cove covered with vines where she lay silent, flowers drooping from above.  

She guards the gates of Avalon waiting...

For the right time. 
Word count: 125
Date started: 31.05.2020
Dated finished: 01.06.2020
Inspired by these paintings  I found online: and

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    Fantastic! I’ve not seen a writer on here write about a painting and that’s such a good idea to get your creative juices flowing. I love how you’ve taken the medieval theme from those images and linked it to the legend of King Arthur and Camelot. I know that here in England, we sometimes have medieval events inspired by King Arthur, so it’s nice to see some of my culture sort of radiated in this poem. I also think your descriptions show the pathos of the Lady of the Lake waiting at the gates of Avalon and I like how you contrast her everlasting youth with descriptions of her being old at the same time, ‘Constellations in her eyes, weakened slowly by the weight of her past.’ Fantastic.

    6 months ago
  • ElsaRee

    WOW!! I loved it!

    6 months ago