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Rose Vines

May 30, 2020


( Jasper )

You’re the lighting to my thunder
Your soul beams with wonder

Through the pouring rain
You dance
 Your boots splash in oceans

Daring, you’re the light to my ship
Sailing in the sea of 
             me and you

( Anita )

You, You I like.
You’re a whirlwind of 
Laughter and your eyes
Crinkle like
 Fondly worn books

Of olden stories.

          Jasper you’re an idiot, my man

You race through the fogs like
A bull rider
 On fifty red bulls

 But, You. I like you darling.

And I’ll weave my lightning through your thunder.
         We’ll make a carpet of daffodils and 

( Jasper )

Ha! You laughter is a butterfly’s laughter

        The way you twirl under the moon on 
A moonlit night
   Is like a 
Fairy, Honey.

 How you make my heart sings 
       In sync with yours

Let me take you
To where the jasmine grows
And we can tap dance
     On the sea glass

Look! They glow
    Just like you
As you sway in your haze
   Of rosewater showers and
 Mint petals framing your 

A right fairy, my lady

( Anita )

Boy, you want to take me
 Tap dancing on sea glass?

 You must crazy,
        I must be insane

When I say 
 I’ll cross rainbows for you
         Cross planets for you

I’ll jump a spaceship and
      Follow you into 
 A black hole, darlin’
We’ll stretch together
 Tie a knot.
            Oh! I’ll melt into your embrace

The stars die 
   Round us
          And we sail along
  With their ashes.

( Both )

 You hear me 
When I say
  Look me in the eye
You see yourself
In the iris
  Of my heart
Love, I may be
  Your rose petals
But you, love
  You’re the stalk
Holding me up
             I throw you to the birds  
           And, yet, you always come back
                     Nestled in cotton buds
            And cradled in their beaks

Your heart sings
  Your blood drums
I wonder, love
  Is the pulse
I feel in your wrist
 Is it mine 
    Or is it yours
We’re wrapped
   Rose vines
I start with you
 End with you

        Love, when they see, they do not know where I start and where you stop.

( Jasper )
I love you

( Anita )
Yes, I know
More Jasper and Anita :) For Two Heartbeats' thingy.


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