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The Dust You Walk Through

May 30, 2020


A plethora of ruby studded moths
Woven of black satin 
Wrap their beating wings around the bars
Caging you

       Smattering of wooden ash
     Sprinkle down from their eyes
       They titter with lilting 
                  Ribbons of time

They drain you dry
   Sink their fangs into your arms
And drink your heart out through your veins
Heartstrings snap with 
                   Ripples through the stained window
                 Violets melt 
                            Stain the floor with
                        Candle drops
                               You dip your fingers in the soft wax
                         It licks at you with slivers
                                                Of ice
Darling, dear
 The cashmere
    Of your locks
 Shine red
   And sing of love
 But you waste away
   In swarms of 
Satin moths
Studded with emeralds 
           The dust you walk through writes a story in the ballroom


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  • Mishthi Sharma

    Your work always takes my breath away. PERFECT!

    6 months ago
  • delete

    OUTSTANDING! I love the formatting! I can actually picture the shape of wings by looking at the formation of each stanza, replicating the imagery of moths in the poem,

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Wow, how do you do it? The formatting, the vocab, the flow, it was all on point! I love it!

    6 months ago