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☼ Matutine - #dramatise_1 + PSA ABOUT COMMUNITY ☼

May 30, 2020


I’ll come for you at matutine,
Blood to bathe in your midnight 
The latest wake is always on time,
I’ve cursed the birth of sunlight. 
You’ll see me holding balls of sand,
To sting your eyes of inky black
And take back the stars you flash so grand
To give the sun in my hunting sack. 

         I’ll have my revenge at matutine
         For each time you take my lively crown.
         You stab me with a blade so sharply fine
         And I stumble and tumble all the way down.
         When the humans are fast asleep in bed, 
          I’m a worthless and forgotten nothing.
         You party all night, leave me for dead
         But you just wait, at dawn, I’m something.

                You’ll be dead at matutine 
                From the plunge of my waking sword. 
                I’m morning’s angel, gifted divine, 
                Sent to breathe life by the Lord.
                My daily hunt will make you fie, 
                For your prolonged reign is a heinous crime. 
                Then People will cheer, People will cry: 

                     “Wake murdered Sleep at matutine!” 
(169 WORDS) 


Matutine ~ In the early morning.  


Hello everyone, Ellen here! Woah, I had so much fun doing this prompt for doodleninja’s contest, #dramatize. This normal event that I’ve dramatised in the poem is when we wake up- simple right? However, what if there was actually an assassination attempt that waking would have to do on sleeping to get us to be conscious and so forth when we sleep (although that’s a different point of view all together). 

Now, I do love entering submissions for contests on here because to me they feel like fun, little challenges, however from Writers of the World’s post, they’ve noticed that it’s become an annoying and stressful trend. I agree as lately I’ve been entering in lots of contests and felt the stress of that come down onto me. I had an idea to post a contest of my own soon but after most of the other contests are finished, or maybe when the trend has died down. I don’t want to make anyone feel stressed on this site, I want them to be happy, make friends and feel good about their work. 

I generally feel sorry for the Writers of the World account as they’ve specified that lately they have been getting negativity and rudeness from other members.  I’m telling you now, although I’ve only been on here for less than a month, ITS NOT ON! I’ve been contacted by the Write the World team for the disqualification of one of my pieces in a competition that went against guidelines, and I absolutely agree with what they were saying. Write the World are on top of things and if members can’t tell you to stop, they will get through to you. I love the account of Writers of the World and everyone else on this site. Everyone should have a good time, so please just be positive and don’t rush others, I think you will feel a lot happier that way too. :) 

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  • Doodleninja

    contest results are up!!!

    5 months ago
  • ElsaRee


    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    ELLEN THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Your work just keeps on getting better and better. And you're also nearly at 50 followers!!

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “ I’ll have my revenge at matutine
    For each time you take my lively crown.
    You stab me with a blade so sharply fine
    And I stumble and tumble all the way down. ”
    this. is. gorgeous. your piece is so, so regal! it feels like it should be in a fantasy movie playlist! wow, this is amazing!! also, thanks for saying that at the end! <3

    6 months ago
  • elliem

    This is so gorgeous Ellen! I love the lines:
    "You’ll be dead at matutine
    From the plunge of my waking sword.
    I’m morning’s angel, gifted divine,
    Sent to breathe life by the Lord."

    So breathtakingly beautiful, and a fresh way to talk about morning. <3

    6 months ago
  • elliem

    Reply: thanks as always for your support and for checking in, Ellen. It was a little disappointing to see at first, but I'm fine now. I'm planning to take my time with it and publish it when it's ready with different characters.

    6 months ago
  • Doodleninja

    this was such a creative take on waking up! It took me a moment to realize it, but once I did, it blew me away XD nice dramatic tone as well
    also yeah, I def don't want anyone feeling too stressed out about contests, I hope everyone know they're just for fun, and something to kickstart some imaginative writing :D

    6 months ago
  • poetri

    I agree completely! And thank you for acknowledging my post, you're very kind. Also, your's just incredible. Amazing work. :)

    6 months ago