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15 // Sophmore
Hi! I'm Hailey, and I love to read the Book of Mormon, eat Chipotle burritos, dance like a crazy maniac in my room, lose brain cells in Chem, belt Hamilton at the top of my lungs, compose music on my piano, oh, and write :)

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Sorry if it's too straightforward... I feel like the real me isn't too meataphory.:)

i am Hailey #IAmContest

May 30, 2020


I am Hailey, and I am enough.
I wonder when I will meet the one I've been dreaming about my whole life
I hear distant melodies in the silence
I see Ferris wheels in the skylights when I take off my glasses on clear, summer nights
I want to look back in ten years and be proud of 15-year old me
I am Hailey, and I am enough.

I pretend to be the next Broadway sensation when I belt in my closet.
I feel fear, but also warm reassurances in my heart that everything will be okay.
I touch the stars and grasp them in my hands, like snowballs on weather days in January
I worry that I will mess up and hurt the world around me
I cry when people see themselves as worthless.
I am Hailey, and I am enough.

I understand that there is a God, who has a plan and who loves everyone.
I say that no one is alone, and that no one deserves to be forgotten
I dream about belonging at school
I try to overcome the darkness that pulls on me when I sleep.
I hope to brighten the world, or at least someone's day
I am Hailey, and I am enough.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    I submitted a review for this. Once you get it, add a private comment there, and I'll link the Padlet I created for us. :)

    8 months ago
  • Fabiana250

    Wow, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for entering!!

    8 months ago