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What defines a good piece of writing, is the fact that you will never completely understand it.

End of the Day

May 29, 2020


We waited until the sun had
painted the horizon a crimson red,
and the sea breeze was cool enough 
to bring relief from the humid air.

Our boat was not grand,
no longer than the family dinner table.
We would sail until the sandy shore was no longer visible,
and the sounds of crowds of dispersing people were
drowned out by the seagull, excitedly singing overhead.

We would pull out our rods,
and toss the line into the still ocean water,
and gradually sink into repetitive motion.

Up and down.
All was silent,
the only sounds heard
were the steady rhythm of the waves
beating against our boat.
A young child knocking on a wooden door.
Soft, but impatient.

Up and down.
The sky was dimming,
hanging on to the last few strings of light.
Fiery flames of sunset
threatened to engulf the low-lying clouds.

Up and down.  
I took a breath,
tasting the sharp sea air.
I let my hand dangle over the side of the boat,
my fingertips dragged through the warm water.

Up and down.
We were alone.
Floating in the middle of the interminable ocean.
Yet I could see where the sky and the sea met,
I could almost touch the horizon,
almost feel the glistening snow on the majestic mountains,
that rose in the distance.

Up and down.
As the day came to an end,
I let the waves guide us forward.
Into a new journey.
Into a new life.
Into a new beginning. 


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