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To protect the multi-verse from devastation! To unite all people within out dimension! To denounce the evils of Rock and Roll! To extend our reaches to the stars below! The Department of Dimensional Protection- surrender now, or prepare to fight! Blue- that's right!

And Make it Double #Sunprompt_2

June 4, 2020


    "This is your first and last warning," I whispered, leaning into the woman's ear. If she thought she could fool me with a new haircut and different clothes, I had overestimated her. The odd thing? That cool and collected persona she was known for had all but disappeared to surprise. Rock's never been one to be unsuspecting- especially out in the open like this- something was wrong and I knew it.
    The word came tumbling out of her mouth, almost imperceptible. Had I been fooled, again?
    "You know what I'm talking about," I insisted, not daring to waver. Allison Masalis, code name "Rock," one of the greatest criminals the world's ever seen- or no. One of the greatest criminals that my world had ever seen. I lowered my gun, but not too far.
    "Apologies, ma'am. Please turn around." She did so very slowly, arm raised and eyes shaking- this was not the woman I had hunted across time and space. The jawline was off, fingernails too long, and she lacked any muscular definition. I already talked with local law enforcement, getting one Roll in custody- but they were too soft here. She was in a hospital in handcuffs- as if those would be enough to stop her. My team had her under surveillance, but the fact that Rock and Roll weren't together brought up some startling questions in my mind.
    I raised my badge, holstering my gun. I could see she was confused, eyes darting towards the unfamiliar weapon. No police weapon looked like that- not in her world anyway. But fake IDs were a universal constant, so she started to breath a little easier.
    "It's Allison, right?" She nodded. "Right, Allison, has anything weird ever happened with your sister? Anything unusual? Out of the ordinary? I mean ever."
    "Well," she said, still nervous, "She kind of disappeared for 15 years."
    Well that would explain it.
    "I need to know the exact date and approximate time your sister disappeared."


    Rock and Roll had been the bane of Blue's department since the first showed up in her dimension- around 3218. Dimension jumping had been around for awhile when they pulled their first heist- but nobody had realized its full potential yet. The thing with inter-dimensional travel is, and always was time. Some dimensions move faster, others move slower- Rock and Roll, were genius with too much time on their hands. Teenage graduates from Ivy Leagues, more money than they knew what to do with- they explored dimensions no one knew about yet- the found dimensions that moved in the opposite direction. They built things, stole things, broke things- they had always gotten exactly what they wanted and didn't know how to take no for an answer. They were building a dimensional splitting device- something that would allow them to create a new dimension based on a decision- they could coerce history into a corner, shape it and change it just for them, not caring the stress it caused, the destruction it created. She had worried they might've already made it, but she couldn't have fathomed they'd already used it.
    They were on the run- hiding out in some 21st century fantasy- Rock and Roll always had a draw to the vintage. Blue knew everything about those women- she had to if she wanted to chase them through dimensions of look-alikes. As if a pair of twins wasn't enough.
    She had Rock under surveillance back at the hospital- she had been spotted running through the streets in the middle of the night. Without Roll. Blue knew something was up- something was wrong- but she didn't know what. She was scoping out that very street when she got the call.
    "Captain?" the voice came cracking through her radio. She detested radios, but ancient times required ancient technologies- she was even wearing a period accurate "police" costume. It was laughably impractical- lacking any protection from inter-dimensional elements. 
    "Rock's awake, but, Captain, Roll's here, too." Roll had walked right in to see her, into a hospital? A building she knew would be crawling with agents? 
    "Hold off, this might be a double."
    "Wouldn't a double recognize her own sister, Captain? Wouldn't they be in communication?"
    "I don't know- just hold off. Make sure she doesn't go anywhere until I get there."


    Rock and Roll aren't the only ones who can time travel, I thought setting my watch to the time this world's Allison had given me. They were here that day, both sets of twins, I was sure of it. Time travel was not as glamorous at the movies- not a brightly colored tunnel or wind blowing past. It was a painful, uphill hike to another dimension, one hot and dusty. They called it the Desert- it had a more official name, but no one bothered with a long string of numbers and letters- the Desert was the easiest way to back travel- each second that passed once you stepped through was a day backward. They had an office out here, unattended, but fully stocked. I needed it on my journey here, a stay of just over five days, but fifteen seconds was nothing to compare.
    Stepping into the world, I recognized the yellowish tint of this dimension's sun, the grey color of the pavement, the black of the street. Thin grey cloud clouds scattered the sky, an empty threat of rain, and a bird sat, watching me enter this world. Animals seem to have a better sense of something out of place in their universe- or maybe humans are just better at ignoring it. Luckily, I could see I was not the only one it was looking at. 
    "We started here-" a voice said, one that I knew all too well. One that was not the voice of a teenager. It was Roll. 
    "Why here- we could be living abroad? We could see the past all over the world," Rock countered.
    "Don't you feel drawn to this place? This is where we should start. The same route we used to walk as kids, going home, we start from here to our new home!"
    "I-" Rock started, but she was cut-off. I was watching from the roof above the alley and panicked, thinking I had been spotted. I hastily drew my gun, but saw that eyes were not on me. 
    "Hello?" the child asked, and the two women couldn't help but stare at this younger version. She was still a safe distance away, Rock and Roll were weaponless anyway. I took the chance.
    "Hands in the air!" I shouted, but apparently, there had been a weapon after all. There was a blinding flash out of light, I couldn't see where it came from- it was like a gunshot, but if a thousand bullets had shot in every single direction at the exact same time. If it had reached me up on the building, it must've reached those children, too.
    I've never felt so guilty- but it was hard to focus on that as it felt as though my soul was being ripped in two- I was screaming, but I knew I wasn't the only one.
    The dimensional splitting device. 


    It was not Roll standing in that hospital room and she knew it- something off about the eyes, the hair thickness, the palm shape. This was Grace- the Grace of this dimension. Rock was toying with her, feeding her a story. She was a good liar, always had been. But she didn't have to be- Blue could see Grace was desperate, reaching for anything. She couldn't imagine the pain of losing a twin. A half you've always had, since before you knew anything else. 
    She figured out what happened- what was nagging at her- dimension splitting was intuitive, but imperfect. It had tried to keep the twins together, slowing down Rock and Roll until Allison and Grace were the same age- but it hadn't known what to do with Blue. She had traveled to a half-dimension, and now she was in another- she had been trapped in between for 15 years, but she was still the same- she wasn't sure what that meant, but she decided to have a big birthday party when she got home
    Grace had gone, taking a break, trying to cope with the new development in her life. Blue wanted to let her have it, instead going to Rock, handcuffed to the bed- despite all the technology, all the advancement, all the change that had happened since the 21st century, the most effective way of keeping Rock and Roll in a single place had always been handcuffs.
    "Rock- Allison," she said, hoping to appeal to something inside the woman, knowing, if there was anything in there at all, it was love for her sister.
    "What's new, Blue? Come to gloat? You-" she began coughing, "you got me." She had been much closer to the dimension splitting device than Blue had.
    "No. Well-" she sat, crossing her legs, "maybe just a little. You have certainly caused my little department of dimensional protection quite a bit of trouble."
    Rock rolled her eyes and Blue grinned. She was a genius, but she was a pretty dumb one. Never learned to talk to anyone but her sister, never got ideas from anyone else. 
    "In the end, it wasn't even me," she mused, taking a sip from bitter hospital coffee. "It was hubris. Maybe you should test your machines more carefully."
    "You want something," she said.
    "No, Allison, you want something. You want something- your partner in crime's not in Kansas anymore- that Grace out there will never do- she's smart, sure, but not as smart as your Grace."
    She glanced towards the door, trying to shift upwards on the bed. Her handcuffs stopped her, but she still seemed to be shifting internally. She was uncomfortable- she had been caught, the game was over, but this was not how she wanted it to end. Her only chance of escape was meeting with Grace again- confusing these agents- she wasn't quite as hurt as Blue thought she was.
    "Can you fix the dimensional damage?" Blue asked, knowing she was taking a huge risk- Allison could just blow everything up again- but she knew they were the only people who could do it. She knew Allison would do it if she could. She held out the confiscated device- small and unassuming- no wonder she hadn't seen it. 
    Allison grabbing the device, grinning through the pain.
    "I thought you'd never ask."


    I've never heard a backwards gunshot, but if I did, I imagine it would sound a lot like the universe sewing itself back together- there was a flash of darkness and it felt- it felt good. It felt soft and cool and healing and just good. Rock and Roll had been the bane of my department since the first showed up in my dimension- and they would probably continue to be a nuisance. We hadn't caught them, but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make to get those twins back in the same universe. Besides- there's always tomorrow- and today- and yesterday.


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