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this is my first short story on this website. please give me some critiques to improve it.

Overlooked Love

May 29, 2020


I stare at my pale face in the bathroom mirror. My face had lost all its colour since I hadn't been exposed to sunlight for days at this point, I couldn't even see clearly for my eyelids were almost shut down. They almost looked like I hadn't slept for days. I looked starved and malnourished. The sound of the water spewing out of the faucet felt so loud in the silence of my home. I walk back to my bed to check my phone for any notifications from my parents. They had left for a trip and were supposed to return today. I unlock my phone, but there were no notifications. I tried calling them but both their numbers were switched off and the messages I sent them weren't delivered yet. They must have been in the flight, right?
I head towards the kitchen and grab a box of cereals. I sit at the cabinet and start stuffing myself with the cereals. I check my phone again, expecting to get a notification. But there weren't. I had an unsettling feeling about this. The numbness in the surroundings aroused a prior incident. I could see my 5-year-old self so escalated about getting a treehouse that my father built for me. That joy in my face... where is it now? Now that my parents are not around me it feels so isolated. But why? Wasn't I the one who never wanted to be with them? Wasn't it me who spent days locked up in my room or wandered around the city without telling anyone. The stillness, the loneliness is piercing through my bones and spine. I had never cared about them, neither had I ever shown them one bit of the love they deserved. I had always been so cold to them. I just wished that this cognisance would have struck me earlier. All I want is one last opportunity to fix my mistake. I sense my fists tightly clench the kitchen cabinet. I feel my heart pulsating hard when my eyes settled at the clock. Each time it strikes a number, my heart drops by a little.
I knew it was coming, and with it did my migraine attack. It seems like my mind was crammed with all the thoughts and pain that it made it impossible for me to move a muscle. I was losing control of myself. The next thing I remember was waking up on the floor. I must have fallen asleep. I sighed as the migraine had also left. The first thing I did was checking the time. It was half-past five. I call out ''Mom? Dad?''. silence. I feel tears accumulating in my eyes. They should have already reached. So where are they? I stand up and look around the entire house. No-one. 
I struggle to get all the cynical ideas out of my mind while I call my parents. Their numbers were still switched off. My pulse rate had surely doubled at that point. Suddenly I see that my phone rings. I quickly accept it, hoping that it was my parents. But it was an unknown voice. The person said, ''is it the Willow's residence?'' hesitantly I say, ''Y-yes. who are you?'' the lady responded, ''Sir, I am from XX airlines. we are sorry to inform you but the flight boarded by Mr and Mrs Willow has gone through an accident. Please report to XX hospital as fast as you can.'' 
Those words have embedded themselves in the crevices of my brain. They have embarked themselves in every corner of my mind.
A year has passed since that day but the wound still feels so fresh, so tender, so... painful. I remember the cremation ay. I saw them getting concealed deep into the earth to never be seen ever again. That day I saw them receive hundreds of flowers and thousands of words of gratitude and affection which they presumably haven't heard in their entire existence. That was the day when I realised, '' Regret is way more powerful than gratitude.''


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  • AJ - Izzy

    This is amazing! I love the detail, and you really pinpointed the emotions and painted such a beautiful picture, amazing job! Welcome too :)

    over 1 year ago