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Hello! My name is Ruth and, like everyone else on this site, I'm attempting to write. Some of my interests include books (my favourites are The Picture of Dorian Gray, Six of Crows, Flowers for Algernon and The Kite Runner) films & tv (such as Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Interstellar, The Favourite, The World’s End, Fleabag and True Detective) and getting to know other people through writing, so feel free to leave likes and comments and I'll do the same for you!

Hot Breath on My Neck

May 28, 2020


The Smiths is playing on the radio and
I get the dull feeling that I should turn it off

But I cry instead; feeling my tears drain from my eyes
Again and remind myself to rub them into

My skin because it helps with acne. That
Was another tip I read on a tabloid

From an agony aunt who was smiling in her
Picture and I wondered what it felt like

To get rich off bad advice and other people’s pain. 
I don’t think I’m in pain, just a haze

Of not knowing what to do but feeling I’m meant to be doing something,
An inaction plagued by the threat of 

Action that screams from me at screens and in the
Recesses of my dreams 

That have long since been scrunched up and
Thrown in the waste paper basket. 

The Smiths song finishes and I think what a waste,
But my legs didn’t work, and I couldn’t be bothered to turn it off.
another poem inspired by one of my book characters! he’s a demon who’s been working in hell for centuries and is very bored and lacks identity! i chose the smiths because of the soft boi idolisation coupled with the fact that i want to curb stomp morrisey


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