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April 14, 2015



I tried to avoid it

I have ditched all feelings

Yet, somehow they still come

I don't want them

They only cause complications


Complications only cause havoc

Stripping you till you have nothing to hide

and when you are heart broken

You will be stripped of everything

Everything but the misery of losing them


Their very existence is reason to live

They are your everything

You didn't mean for that to happen

It just happened without a hestitation

And I don't regret anything


Everything happens for a reason

And you were meant to be my heart break

It was only temporary though

Until that special someone came

Someone who would triumph over anyone


I may not have found them yet

Its only because I still haven't let go

I have a while before I can

Only one thing stands in my way

And I am that the only thing stopping me




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