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Competition of the Week of 5/24 to 5/30

May 28, 2020


First of all, before I say who won, I just want to tell everybody that it was very hard to choose which competition was the "best," since they were all really good, and worth checking out. I know a lot of people say a version of that at the beginning of their competition winners announcement, but I still had to say it.

Now, the Competition of the Week is "A Lil' User Contest for the Drama Queen in You :D #dramatize contest," by Doodleninja. Here's a review of the contest, with the reasons it won:

The title is the first thing you see in a piece. The title of this contest really stands out, using the words "Drama Queen" to convey the theme of the contest. It makes the reader want to see more, unless the reader doesn't like drama, in which case this contest isn't for them.

At this point, the readers who made it past the title all like the theme of the contest, which is good. The overall look of the contest gives an organized impression, with headings in bold and in caps. The announcement opens with a small statement from the writer, and then quickly goes to the prompts section. The prompts section is nicely organized, and is followed by the how to enter/additional notes section, which is a nice bulletted list. This is followed by the rankings section, which is nice and compact. Finally there is the prizes section, which again, is organized into a bulletted list. The piece ends with a nice note, followed by some footnotes. Overall, the competition announcement is formatted very well.

What about the prompts? These prompts stick out as being well presented. They are also very appealing, and go with the theme set by the title. Doodleninja even gives an example response for the second one. As a bonus, the way the entries for each prompt are scored is given in an organized and understandable way.


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  • doodleninja

    Heyo, I hope it's alright that I just put the titles here (I thought all those links would get too messy)
    A Reason for Falling
    Hitchhiking Sounds like a Good Option Right Now
    your restricted mind
    Isn't this what you asked for?
    Three is the Magic Number
    Taking Back the Crown
    But all I can do is wait
    There's a Coworker in My Office and He's Laughing like a Maniac
    Please don't ever change
    No One Cares for the Wicked
    (thx again for doing this, I rly appreciate it!)

    11 months ago
  • doodleninja

    *does happy dance* Thanks so much! XD

    11 months ago