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a poem based on the collecting & pinning butterflies

the price of preservation

May 28, 2020


        Society pins her to her bedroom wall
splices a needle through her bared palms
        and commands her
                        don’t move
                        aren’t you happy in your cage?
So she stills her squirming and tilts her face
        into the sterile glare, a sunflower
        on the precipice of wilting, waiting,
                but her fairy wings begin to beat against her restraints
        a rhythm, a protest, 
                        a call to war.

She peels her flesh from the sweating paint
        and flutters into the dust motes 
        she can bathe in the buttery sunlight
                and flaunt her freedom like a charm. 

        Before she escapes,
she taunts society back, grins
        with whetted teeth and a fishhook glare
                    don’t lie
                    aren’t you happy in your falsity?
Because she has been taught to be a specimen,
        demure in her captivity,
even fragile things bite back.


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1 Comment
  • 4ExtraShotsOfEspresso

    "Even fragile things bite back," is such a powerful quote! I love it!

    about 1 year ago