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A silly wish..

By: ElsaRee

I just wish,
A warm hug when feeling so hollow?
Trust me, it is heartbreaking when such a little thing seems so impossible.
A pat on head, perhaps?
If you think it is such a pathetic wish, then you're lucky and I'm jealous.
A shoulder to lean on?
How does it feel like?
Arms to hold you tight?
Note: Not your own (like always).
Above all, something to let others know that you're broken inside and is hiding it with a weak smile?

No, no.
They shouldn't invent such things. Some things are divine only in their raw nature. Some things aren't supposed to be artificial. Some things are beautiful only when they arouse from a beating heart, not a robot.

Message to Readers

I would really,really appreciate feedaback..So please let me know..Love you all <3

Peer Review

I love that this app provides comfort instead of convenience or fun, which is what most apps are created for.

Yes, I definitely would use it and I'm sure most of the population would too. This app could solve loneliness, but in the long run, it could also boost self-confidence because it acts like a true friend.

Reviewer Comments

One minor suggestion is to change the wording of the highlighted part. "Broken" could be swapped to a stronger word for pain. Instead of saying "and is hiding it..." maybe you could change it to "but you're masking the pain with the facade of a weak smile?" Overall, fantastic job! I love the ending where you concluded that no advanced technology or fancy appliance can beat nature or the human heart.