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The Army and the Club

May 28, 2020


    Guns are being pointed at me. I am unarmed. The room is not that big, and every exit is blocked by armed people. Oh, and I'm surrounded by them too. If I had people I knew here with me, I could get through this. Even if I knew that people I knew were alive, that would have been helped me focus and plan an escape. But, since for all I know, I'm the last one alive out of my beloved family and club, I can't think very well, and I'm not sure if I have any reason to try to escape.
    I try hard to think, think. I realize that they could kill me at any moment, and I wouldn't be able to avoid it. But they also can't stay here forever. Then again, they may have shifts. But I can't stay here forever, unless the give me food and water. And if I don't die, I eventually need to go to sleep, but that's - wait, sleep! They could do anything to me in my sleep! I would truly have no control. At least, while I'm awake, I can wait for a chance of escape to come. I can wait, wait... then again... then again, that will never come. Probably. So what does it matter if I'm sleeping or not? Actually, I think, it does, because if I'm sleeping, they could kill everybody I know and care about without me knowing. Which means people of the club, and of my family, are alive. Wait, no, I don't... I don't know. They don't have to tell me about anything. I guess I might as well be sleeping, right? No, maybe not because... well I'm thinking, sort of, instead of dreaming. Also, they could tell me of people who they killed. They did say they killed my parents... my parents! Oh, they killed them! But... maybe not, maybe it was a bluff. It better have been. 
    Suddenly, I realize that I don't know anything about what's happening outside this room. For all I care, nothing exists beyond this room. That is, until I get out, if I get out. My parents could be alive or dead, or even both for all I care. But I do care about them, and I want them alive. These armed people couldn't have killed my parents, could they have? After all, their parents and my parents have always been extremely good friends. But they could've killed my club, the Club.
    Wait, why am I even here? What does the General want with me? I know the General is mad at every single person in the Club, but why take me here? What is the General even doing right now?
    I remind myself that the General is not in this room, so it doesn't matter whether the General is alive or dead. The General, dead, that would be great. Well, maybe not, I mean, does the General deserve it? Maybe the General just needs mental help. We weren't very nice to the General when we were children, who back then, was just a child named Toast. We did make fun of toast's name, but we would've grown out of it by the time we were teens if Toast hadn't started beating us up every day. Of course, Toast had help, for there were too many of us for one person to handle, even Toast. Then, Toast decided to be called the General, which we respected, but the General still beat us up. We lost some friends to the General's side, for they were afraid. Some of the General's original friends became our friends instead, for they originally became the General's friends due to us bullying the General, but now the General was bullying us. Soon, we were adults, and the General created the Army.  The Army soon managed to get their hands on guns, and while some of us also got guns to protect ourselves, the Army became far more skilled at attacking. At this point, some of us wanted to leave the town, so we created the Club in order to always be connected. We had specific locations in and outside of the town to meet in order to see fellow Club members. Unlike the Army, we decided to never attack anybody, and never to be led by one person. Soon, more than half of us had left the town, but my sister and I stayed. One day, my sister never came home from work, and I never saw her again. Now, come to think of it, the same thing has happened to me.
    If only our town was larger, so our parents weren't all such good friends! None of this would have happened! Or my sister and I could have left town. But no, we had to stay, because we were so devoted to the club. And now, look where we are. The Army has taken us, and we're trapped in separate rooms, with guns pointed at us, and no hope of escape. Or maybe, my sister has escaped, or maybe, she was never trapped in a room like I am. Maybe, but probably not.
    But really, it doesn't matter to me right now. Nothing does. I might care about it, but it can't affect me now, nor can I change it. Then again, members of the Club could save me, but that possibility is so unlikely that it should be ignored.
    So here I am, in a small room, with all the exits blocked by Army members, and other Army members directly surrounding me. There's nothing I can do, and nothing anybody can do for me, so I might as well be asleep. In fact, I feel like I've been awake forever, and now my eyes are finally falling shut, and I can no longer think at all really, and the world isn't real anymore at least for now, and I see something else, and, and...


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