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The use of a pen makes me feel rusty.


May 28, 2020


It's not that I'm not fine, it's just
I'm not always fine
I shall be fine but
Right now I'm not
I call 
My happiness, my happiness, my happiness
I'm tired of chasing after you
Even if I have wings
I still have bruises and scratches
Fate, the almighty
Are you this harsh to me because I don't believe in you?
You make me feel bad when I'm feeling fine
You make me feel worse when I'm feeling bad
You never regret what you did that hurt me, while I do about what I did
I may appear a lot of help, but that's only to corrupt people
Kindness is a drug
It effects are red, but it comes in blue pills
The sympathy I give them should be used to love myself
I'm not an angel
I don't want to make sacrifices
To give and not to receive
It's too bright here
Just let my shadows come in shape around me


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