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*Virtual* Summer Writing Camp: Week II (Mini Challenge)

June 2, 2020


Okay guys, so HERE it is!! If you visited our blessed website where the summer camp is being run, then you know this week's theme is character building! If you haven't, check it out here.

Prompt #1
Write your protagonist as the villain or the antagonist as the hero--or both! As you should have read the differences between these stereotypes and common mix-ups here, this should be less challenging compared to those who haven't. For those who haven't--please check out here or else you're completely defeating the purpose of this. Also, KEEP IN MIND, your "hero" and "villain" whichever you chose, do not have to fit the stereotypical roles. They can be cape and power-wielding or just everyday people. The more creative the better.
In footnotes, state your protagonist/antagonist and if they're the villain/hero.
All fiction genres accepted.
No poetry (sorry!), but prose, flash fiction, short stories, lowercase prose, plays are all accepted.
Word Count: Anything under 1,000 (no wiggle room over!)

Prompt #2
Scrolling further down on the website, you'll notice the profiles & outlines. Look at this here, and pay attention. Because of this prompt, I want you to make your own character outline. You may follow one of our examples exactly or use it as inspiration and make your own. However, your outline MUST include the character's full name and the 'type' of character they are (Which you can see the different types here).
If you use one of our outlines, please state in the footnotes the title of the one you chose and give us credit (just mention our user or website or something)!

Please make this an actual outline, do not incorporate it into some short story or anything.
Word Count: 100-650 (20 word wiggle room)

Still need help? Check out this wonderful example by, mia_:), titled, Character Profile.

Prompt #3
Go to the bottom section of this page here, and look for the part where it talks about making characters authentic. See where it mentions flaws? There's your prompt, create a character and write about their flaws. It can be an outline like prompt #2 or a fiction piece where you incorporate it into a story. But remember, we still want to like the character, the flaws are there to make them realistic. And even if you don't use the outlines, check them out because--it'll help.
All genres accepted.
All forms & writing styles accepted.
If you use one of our outlines, please state in the footnotes the title of the one you chose and give us credit (just mention our user or website or something)!

Word Count: 50-700 (20 word wiggle room)

Still need help? Check out this wonderful example by, Anne Blackwood, titled, Character Flaws - Sidney (from And They Danced)!!

-Keep it PG-13, and keep the cursing to a minimum or not at all. 
-This runs from May 30thth to June 7th!
-In your footnotes, state the prompt you did & mention our summer camp please! ;)
-There is no "#" needed, but you need to comment the TITLE & LINK of your entry either on this piece or Here!! I don't care which, as long as we get it.
-You may enter only once per prompt to be a potential winner, but feel free to share with us any other pieces you made based on this.

1st place: 2 reviews, shout out, mention in (May) Must Reads
2nd place: 1 review & shout out
If you have questions, visit our Questions?? page! Please avoid commenting questions below.

For more information: 
*Virtual* Summer Writing Camp: Week II 
*Virtual* Summer Writing Camp: Now Open!
*Virtual* Summer Writing Camp: Now Open!


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    Title:character profile:meet bridget sunshine. Also i forgot to mention the prompt in footnotes. I did prompt two

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