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Broken Bindings (Please give feedback!)

By: Stone of Jade


I know of people who do everything to keep their books safe, to keep them tidy and neat. They dust the shelves daily, are careful not to break the binding, never fold the corners of the pages to keep their place. That is a love of books, of reading. 

My bookshelves are dusty. They are packed so tight with copies of my favorite books it is hard to remove one. The bindings of my books were broken the moment I bought them. The corners are worn from reading them again and again. The edges are faded, and some covers are so old they have ripped. But I keep them. I still read them. Over and over. 

I think that is even greater evidence that you love your books. When they are worn down with folded edges and broken bindings. Because who cares what they look like on the outside. The story on the inside matters more than making sure the pages aren't folded. Rereading the stories, getting lost in distant worlds, captivated by words that leave you breathless. That is what reading is about. That is what loving books means. 


This is really rough but I want to make it better. Any feedback is really appreciated!

Thanks @Emi for your review! It helped a lot and I made some changes!!

Peer Review

First off, I love how you seamlessly weaved symbolism into this piece, conveying how the "broken bindings" of books signify that they've been loved. I also adore the morsels of imagery you wrote in throughout, such as the lines "the corners are worn...the edges are faded...some covers are so old they have ripped." This painted a picture in my head and I was really able to imagine what you were saying. Also, the ending lines are spectacular, it really struck me hard when I read "This is what reading is about. This is what loving books means." Great job!!! :)

Because this is a shorter piece of prose, I would consider adding even more snippets of imagery as that tends to really draw readers in. You already have such a great theme built up in this piece, the ending and beginning lines fantastically convey this, so my suggestion would be to maybe build up more description in the middle. Though you already have some vivid lines, (which I love!!) I'd perhaps think about how it might impact your piece if you added specific sensory details. For example, what do the pages smell like? What memories do the books bring back? What color are the covers? One thing that I find helpful when I when I'm writing poetry or prose is to take an ordinary object or thought, (such as a book, in your case) and match it to an object or thought that is totally different, drawing similarities. Though these glimpses of figurative language then tend to be abstract, I end up finding that the two are more similar then I thought and it adds a new level to the piece. The first thought that pops to my mind when talking about books is to compare it to an ocean. Both are deep, endless in a way, and full of life. This was just the first thing I thought of so it's not really profound and descriptive (usually I'd end up expanding on it more), but I wanted to provide an example. These are just some suggestions, so feel free not to take them as your piece is already so well-written!

Reviewer Comments

Overall, this was a really fun piece to read and review!! I love the symbolism and the theme carries through excellently!! Keep writing, I look forward to reading more of your work!! :)