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Broken Bindings (Please give feedback!)

By: Stone of Jade


I know of people who do everything to keep their books safe. To keep them tidy and neat. They dust the shelves daily, are careful not to break the binding, never fold the corners of the pages to keep their place. 

But is that a sign of truly loving your books? Or a sign that they are more of a trophy. Only there to boast of and look at. 

My bookshelves are dusty. They are packed so tight with copies of my favorite books it is hard to remove one. The bindings of my books were broken the moment I bought them. The corners worn from reading them over and over. Edges are faded, some covers are so old they have ripped. But I kept them. I still read them. Over and over. 

I think that is a true sign that you love your books. When they are worn down with folded edges and broken bindings. Because who cares what they look like on the outside. The story on the inside matters more than making sure the pages aren't folded. Rereading the stories, getting lost in distant worlds, captivated by words that leave you breathless. That is what reading is about. That is what loving book means. 


This is really rough but I want to make it better and polish it until it shines. Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks!

Message to Readers

Please review!! I really want to make this better.

Peer Review

I love the romanticism in this piece, how you show how much you adore books, and why you think it shows your affection that your books might not always look perfect.

You do have some typos (you wrote "book" instead of "books" in one part). Just be careful about that. Also, maybe look up when and where you should put commas.

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