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I write, not because I want to, but because I need to. Otherwise, these flurrying thoughts in my mind won't leave me alone.


May 27, 2020


To bid adieu,
the lonely heart aches
with unspoken words 
left deep in my chest.

To bid adieu,
a silent whisper arises.
Hushes all my thoughts,
and insecurities apprises.

To bid adieu,
a distant echo is raised
in hopes to make you stay.
But you don't.

To bid adieu,
with tears in my eyes,
trying hard not to look back.
Knowing this might be the last
I'll see you again.

To bid adieu,
A silence stretches long
as the soldier I know
steps out.

To bid adieu....
I'm literally addicted to repetition in my poetry!!
Anyway, hope you like this poem and comment


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  • Fabiana250

    This piece was beautifully written. Every stanza shows a phase of distancing and the feelings are all well written. My favourite stanza is number 4, it has happened to me before and I can totally relate to that description of what was happening. An amazing job!

    9 months ago
  • delete

    You convey the feeling of longing so effectively in this poem, and the repetition of the words ‘to bid adieu’ show all the different feelings the speaker is feeling when having to say goodbye to their love going off to war, implying this might be his final goodbye. The ending line when you just say ‘To bid adieu’ on it’s own shows the speaker has nothing left to say, like everything is gone just as the word ‘adieu’ implicates in a way.

    9 months ago