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Creatively Deceptive, I Hide my Racing Mind | #IAmContest

May 28, 2020



I am creatively deceptive and I hide my racing mind
I wonder why worrying comes so easily
I hear taunts and jeers, not really there
I see colors in music and song titles 
I want to lead people to a better life
I am known as being chill but hide my racing mind

I pretend that I'm the happy one, because I've kept up this image for so long 
I feel close to characters that only live in my brain, no one will feel the same
I touch their hands, hold them, because they are reflections of me, pieces of me
I worry about myself, because look at me (I don't want to) I'm a mess 
I cry about the lies people so easily gobble up 
I am creatively deceptive and I hide my racing mind

I understand that not everyone will believe 
I say "I believe" (but only in my head, 'cause what would they think of me if I said it out loud?) 
I dream of composing music, touching hearts, having the melody speak for me, so I don't have to open my mouth
I try to be optimistic, to be supportive, to be that shoulder to lean on 
I hope one day I won't be scared of mistakes 
I am creatively deceptive and I hide my racing mind

Yep. This is me. :D


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  • Fabiana250

    This was really nicely done!! Thanks for entering, I enjoyed reading this :)

    6 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Wow I love the words "I hide my racing mind." I don't know, something about that phrase just really speaks to me. Great job capturing yourself in a poem, I feel like I know you better from reading this. (hope that didn't sound creepy at all) :)

    6 months ago