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Sometimes I tell stories. Most of the time I rattle my soul until I break and my heart spills out onto the page.

"I cannot jump the distance. You'll have to toss me!"--Gimli, LOTR

I am a complete nerd. I got the Ring of Power for my birthday.

Book recommendations:
The Oath--Frank E. Peretti
Lord of the Rings--J.R.R. Tolkien

Song recommendation: "Awake" by Beckah Shae

I'm going to meet the King someday!
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So... I had a thought

May 26, 2020


Recently, I've been working on a new book (Awakening), and I thought that, if there was anyone who was interested, I would share the chapters as I write them. I have included a very short preview to the first chapter, just to see if any of you all would be interested in reading further.

    Adder comes back to her on the day she discovers she doesn’t have enough money to pay her monthly rent. She stands with her back to the shop’s wooden door, bills in hand, biting her nails. Her eyes are bloodshot, her hair is frazzled, and her face is pale. She looks like a ghost against the neat rows of colorful fabrics.
    Ticking menacingly, the clock barely reads eight in the morning. The store is quiet this time of day, with fewer customers coming in to buy silks and linens, so she takes the silence to drown herself in her fears. The papers tremble in her fluttering hands.
    The little, gold bell above the door rings as someone enters. Half to herself, half to the customer, she recites, “Cotton is half-off this week. Ask if you need help with anything.”
    Adder studies her. She’s different from when he last saw her: she’s pulled her hair back, and she wears an apron now. Maybe she’s a little bolder now and a little less scared of him, but, really, she’s not all that different after all. He can work with this, he decides; he’s seen much worse.
    “This is a nice little place you’ve made,” he remarks.
    She stiffens. Although her spine straightens, she seems to curl into herself. She turns, looks him in the eye, and stammers, “You… You don’t own me anymore.”

So there's that! I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit. If anyone is interested in reading the rest of it, drop a comment below so I know to add the rest at some point.


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