Isla-Grace Davies

United Kingdom

My name is Isla and I always try to do the write thing.

Digitality on a Technicality

May 26, 2020


Who are we to scoff at Fools?
Deluded, snarling, breaking rules.
Snow queens, set to underwhelm,
sit frozen in this blue-lit realm.
Fingers draped in strong, gold belts,
(To cover up the zits and welts).
Countdown to those out of reach;
Sweet entrails cling to pits of peach.
They need to see it: friend or neighbour.
Photocopy, echo chamber.
Send. Refresh. We’re living here.
Eyes are vacant (or so I hear).
So share a tonin, or two, or ten,
To lock out noise, and us, and them.
Written back in January


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1 Comment
  • ★ white mountains ★

    this style is so unique and I'm here for that! love your rhyme scheme :)

    about 1 month ago