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June 9, 2020


 3/20/2020, Sunday
John Wong's diary

‚Äč  Hi, I am John. I am currently in 6th grade. All the teachers who have met me have said that I am smart. However, I just don't try hard enough, argue all the time, always disorganized, disruptive, don't follow directions, and easily distracted. I have been expelled twice om elementary school for fighting, so I moved from another county. However, I am still living in Georgia. I am currently attending Georgia Middle School, which is a middle school in Gwinnett County. I participate in gifted Language Arts class, Honor Science class, Honor math class, Gifted Social Studies class, German class, and PE class. I have all A's, but I have four disciplinary referrals. However, if you ask my parents, they will say that I am a smart kid, outgoing like to play, creative, and humorous. However, my parents are also not happy with my behaviors, both at school and at home. They are heartbroken about these kinds of trouble. Even though I have all A's. I usually need to try multiple times on a test to do well, but the school still lets me stay on the Gifted track. The things that cost me points on quizzes and examinations are simple mistakes, like forgetting a decimal point, messing on signs, digits, etc. This is the reason why the teacher said that I don't try hard enough. Each grade level, in fall and spring parent-teacher conferences, all my teacher say that I don't work hard enough blah blah..... However, I admit I feel wrong about those, but I don't really have control over them, but adults would never listen to me. They immediately say, " How do you don't have control? You are literally a human being, not a wild animal." Then, I just decide to shut up. Also, arguments that I don't want to talk about, this happens a lot in my life. So, I try to keep most of my low self-esteem and failures to myself and only express myself when alone. So, people still see me as a happy person. However, inside of me, I feel like a total failure, or God damn it just a shitty person. This is probably due to my parents' high expectations of me and not listening to what I say. However, life still needs to go on, this is just the way it is.

3/21/2020, Monday

     I have a terrible day today. I got expelled from school, and I got arrested and got two disciplinary referrals. One for disrupting a class and another one for fighting. So, I got a disciplinary reference for disrupting a lesson, because, during Mr. Trump's course, I talked to another student and was given a warning, but continued to speak to another student. So, Mr. Trump sent me to the sixth-grade office. Since Mr. Trump sent an email to Mr. Charlie, the sixth-grade Assistant principal. So, when I arrived at his office, he already knew that I am here and told me to step into his office. Mr. Charlie said to me that I am going to serve two days of in-school suspension and two out-of-school suspensions. Next, he called my parents and notified them of the referral and the punishment. The fighting was when my bully, Frank, decided to come up and make fun of me for the reference I got. He decided to push me, as well.
Nonetheless, I am taller than him, more durable than him, and more massive than him, so it wasn't the right life choice. First, I kicked his ribs, and I heard it crack, and he doubled over. Second, I picked him up and repeatedly slammed him down on the floor. Lastly, I kicked him in the ribs again. At the end of the fight, I completely destroyed him. I broke his arm, leg, and couple of ribs.
Mr. Allen wrote a referral and call an ambulance to take Frank to the hospital, and he also called Frank's parent. After Mr.Allen wrote the disciplinary reference, I went to the sixth-grade office again, with the same process.  Except I got expelled and was arrested for Aggravated Assault, battery on a student, and attempted murder. The Police officer took me to the police station and called my parents to meet me at the police station. After my parents arrived, we spoke to an intake officer, who said she will have to release us because I am not 13, and I can't found guilty and punished for a crime. Next, my parents drove him with me on the way no one spoke. When we arrived at the house, my dad told me to sit down on the couch. " Why did you beat up, Frank? Dad asked. " Because he bullied me," I answered. " This is not a proper reason," Dad said. " So, what is a proper reason?" I yelled. I just ran to my room and slammed my door.
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