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Writer, poet, musician, wanna-be-botanist.
Sleep deprived.
Call me a monster, I put milk in before the cereal.
I'm probably eating ramen right now or having a mental breakdown.
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Message to Readers

This was a quick piece of poetry that I wrote to highlight how it feels simply being a girl in this world. Please give me feedback about what you think about my writing style, and areas where I could improve. I love compliments, but always include some analysis about my areas of weakness. I allow strict feedback.

A Girl in This World

May 26, 2020

PROMPT: Flashlight

My pants have no pockets, 
Because I'm expected to use handbags. 
Since I cannot control how much we bleed,
I'm back to the diapers. 

I'm constantly told,
"Stop sitting like that" 
"Eat properly"
"Speak lightly"

I'm a girl in this world,
It feels unfair and uncomfortable.
The stereotypes are too strict, 
And I can't live up to them. 

I can do what I want,
My food cabinet and fridge is never locked. 
I have all the things I need to live, 
and so do I have all the things I need to be happy. 

There are infinite numbers of possibilities,
I can be a doctor,
I can be an entrepreneur,
I can be a chef, 
I can be a writer, 
and I can be an engineer. 

I'm a girl in this world, 
It feels free and happy. 
My goals are hard, 
But I can reach them with hard work. 



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