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Inspired by Ossie Woods' nostalgic piece, Reminiscence Of Innocence.

Reminiscence Of Innocence

May 26, 2020


Wind whistles through the caves
little waves
chase her little feet
as she skips through the sand
fine grains 
form perfect patterns
of circles, squares and tiny triangles
shimmering under the shining sun
showing of their faults and curves
her big blue eyes
crinkle as she looks into the ocean
and she takes a deep breath
breathing in the scent of the sea
and a smile bursts on her lips
like the firecrackers exploding in her heart
while she fixates her soft palms at the
side of her now open mouth
and she yells out her dreams and her beliefs
her light laughs echoing along with the ocean
and I cry silently
tears first escaping from both my eyes
as I gaze out at her
begging the ocean and the skies and the sand
to kindle her innocence as they did mine
and make her believe in dreams and hopes and...
and goodness
at least for a while
at least for a while
at least for a while...
The title and the idea of the poem has been inspired by Ossie Woods' nostalgic piece, Reminiscence Of Innocence. I urge you all to listen to it... It might just turn on the waterworks behind your eyes...


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  • thisiswhoiam

    This is beautiful, just stunningly beautiful. The last three lines remind me of a song by Aurora called 'Infections of a Different Kind' because she sings 'I beg to be drained of the pain I have soaked myself in for a while, for a while, for a while.' I listened to Reminiscence of Innocence too.

    6 months ago
  • ElsaRee


    6 months ago