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PET PEEVES #126 prompt 5

May 27, 2020



1.  Invading my privacy
When we visit our home town or any village, I hate it when I don't get my room and have to share one. I don't mind sharing it with my parents. The thing is people should learn to knock and enter. But I think everyone acts like they are a non-stop train they won't stop at any station. It is not like I am hiding something in my room but what if I am changing. It is better to knock and enter. THEY feel like I am doing some super-secret work or I am an FBI agent.Especially my sister has mastered the art of annoying me. I feel like someone is scrapping my patience bit by bit until I blast like a balloon.

2. And my biggest pet peeve
If someone touches their nails with paper and makes weird noises. This is not a very common pet peeve. When someone drags/rubs their nails on paper it gets on my nerve. The sound is very shrill and disgusting. Describing this pet peeve makes me sick. You ain't Cardi B so stop making annoying noises.

So these people in the entire world have no job. They might spend a lot of time asking you about "Why you are vegetarian?"," What if you fell in love with a non-vegetarian?", " How do you survive on Vegetable?", " What if you ate non-veg by mistake", "Is it because of religion?", "How do you love vegetables ?". MY ANSWER TO ALL THESE IS "I AM VEGETARIAN BY MY CHOICE. MY LIFE MY WISH MY CHOICE"
date completed 26 May 2020
Shout to Tushar Mandhan for suggesting me a few suggestions and lines which I could include. (I loved your Cardi B line XD).Please check out his amazing work and follow him.(he is very close to 100 followers.)
and poetri for the formatting changes.



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  • poetri

    the Cardi B line KILLED me! So funny! And really awesome, I relate to all these in some way :)

    6 months ago
  • Fatima Zahra

    We were raised in a nuclear family, living as an expatriate in an apartment physically isolated from the hustle and bustle of life, most of the time in front of the screen in a virtual world, pampered by our parents, like a bird in cage or like the fish in the aquarium do not know the taste of freedom in spite of being threatened by the predators. During vacations we have the opportunity to learn the hard lessons of life so enjoy it.

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Haha, i love that Cardi B line lmao

    6 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    I'm not really a Cardi B fan but you just can't ignore her (korrrrr).....she's unapologetically funny...(ah ah) (Korrr)

    6 months ago