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CONTEST!! Thriving in Times of Uncertainty

June 21, 2020


I know I have only 4 followers and I am new to Write The World, but I am an experienced writer on many platforms and have won numerous awards ( not to brag, I am just telling you why I am fit to host a contest. ) This is a fun contest to enter in, believe me, and there is much more in store for you. Hit the follow button for interesting contests!
For this contest, I am looking for pieces of short length exhibiting inspiration during these times of pandemic when our community is getting a lot of penning time. You could write fiction or nonfiction, keeping in mind the theme, 'Thriving In Times of Uncertainty'. 
There are three categories for your entry. I am accepting multiple entries on the same category or from different categories, so type away!
1. One to two liners ( maximum 50 words ) : Get creative!
Genres: Quotes, Microfiction, Creative Nonfiction
2. The paragraph ( maximum 120 words ) : I am accepting any type of writing in this category, keeping in mind the theme of the contest.
3. The full-length ( maximum 250 words ): Only essays and fiction for this category, please! 

To submit your entry, click on ' Free Writing' in your Start Writing tab and write the title of your piece and 'Thriving In Times of Uncertainty' next to it in the tab for your title. For example , if your piece is titled ' Self Isolation' then title your piece as 'Self Isolation: Thriving in Times of Uncertainty'.
Write the content and click 'Save' and then 'Publish'. Seek peer reviews, because why not? This is a contest to hone writing skills and appreciate other's work!
After your piece is successfully published, mention in the comments section below your username and Submitted. eg . nehavaradharajan Submitted. 
Best Content Per Category: 5 peer reviews from me on posts of your choice, shout out in my profile for 1 week, likes on all posts and an exclusive follow.
Runners Up , 2 per category: 3 peer reviews from me on posts of your choice, likes on all posts and a follow

Honorable Mentions, 3 per category: peer review on submitted  piece ( any 1) , likes on all posts and a follow
Most Popular Story: 1 peer review on piece of your choice and a follow ( this goes for the most liked and commented post)

The submission deadline is the 20th of June, and winners will be announced on the 23rd of June. Stay tuned for more contests with amazing rewards!
If you have any doubt about the contest, feel free to comment below. Happy writing:)


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