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the song that never ends #PrettyContest 4

June 4, 2020


rummaging through my consciousness, i find a memory seemingly untouched, neatly enclosed in its cassette tape. gingerly, i place the memory tape into the player, and hit play.

what emerges: sunlight streaming in, chairs shifting clumsily, rushed voices - a scene unfolding predictably like a song i've heard too many times. i know how this always goes - she yells, he retaliates, i hide. from there, they launch into personal attacks, all laid out in verses they've been meaning to lay down. they're always prepared to face this music. so i let it play out, knowing this is the only way to get through it. i follow the path this song takes me, music lighting up the scene before my eyes, bouncing along with the intensity of their voices.

the tape keeps running along the spools no matter how much i beg it to stop.
it never listens. how could it? this music demands to be heard.

taking a pause for myself, i take in the scene - his face like lightning, glowering and electric; hers like water, fluid yet powerful. their real story is hidden somewhere behind their vicious rambling, lyrics too incoherent to decipher. i listen through this bitter crescendo, knowing the climax can only be approaching. head down, tears brimming, i try to make sense of the madness that ensues when it inevitably arrives.

after, the outro plays - i'm all that's left to hear it settle. a pin drops, my heart sinks, and my head is now filled with music i never asked to hear. 

at last, the tape comes to a stop. but it never truly ends. it rewinds with every raised voice, every harsh glance, and then it restarts, threatening to pull us apart forever.
word count: 291 (hope thats ok)
for @Chloe 's contest!
alternative title: "2000s Baby Thinks She Knows About Cassettes -- Boomers Laugh!" jk i did use cassettes for a short time in my childhood & i kinda miss them
but also whenever this happened i would use music to kinda drown it out, try to forget it, all that. so whenever a new memory like this resurfaces it kinda stops me in my tracks all over again


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  • ElsaRee

    Loved it!

    about 1 month ago
  • Ellen J

    Woah I love the idea you have of bad memories being like a cassette stuck on repeat! You’re such a talented writer and break a leg for the contest!

    about 1 month ago
  • Chloe :) <3

    This piece is absolutely beautiful! Keep writing and thank you so much for entering my contest!!

    about 1 month ago