Achref Bennani


A Tunisian teen who suddenly fell in love with writing!
Right now, experimenting with varied writing styles.
I am also a gamer and a professional Filmora video editor. I love drawing anime characters :)
My imagination is as wide as my dreams.

Message from Writer

Peace and solidarity are the key for a safe, strong and happy world.
Peace now, Peace forever.

Challenge Completed

May 28, 2020

Day 4
For this buoyant family, this visit to the mall was just unusual: temperature checks at all the shops entrances that made the eldest boy so exasperated; his sister, too, complaining of the overpouring of the antiseptic on the hands; eyes wide open in refusal to believe she is not allowed to try on the T-shirt she picked from the store due to safety precautions:"Am I going to buy a T-shirt without trying it on?"; the mother busy running after her two years old baby, afraid lest he stumbles on the endlessly cleaned floor, bumps into a basket bin or touches an infected surface; fortunately, the father was inspired: "ice cream time!" he suggested, guiding them towards their favorite corner: blueberry flavor for the boy, lemon for the girl, (the mother declined, eyes tired, hair dishevelled; she grumbled: "just take me home") and as usual, pistachio flavor for the father, who, absentmindedly watching the high tech products showcased in the store's window, brought the cone to his mouth, forgetting the mask on his face.


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