Achref Bennani


A Tunisian teen who suddenly fell in love with writing!
Right now, experimenting with varied writing styles.
I am also a gamer and a professional Filmora video editor. I love drawing anime characters :)
My imagination is as wide as my dreams.

Message from Writer

Peace and solidarity are the key for a safe, strong and happy world.
Peace now, Peace forever.

Challenge Completed

May 26, 2020

Day 2
On the Eid's Eve, a girl was standing on the pavement, selling pieces of cloth in front of a supermarket, when suddenly two guys on a Vespa came from nowhere and snatched all the items she was displaying for sale; put them into a bag and ran away, leaving the little girl in tears, only to come back again to take all her money this time, amid people's shock and dismay; it is only when the girl started screaming that the people cared to intervene; hurried up, tried to capture the "thieves": "she is my sister!" the younger guy yelled; "indeed he is", the girl surprisingly confirmed,"and that is my uncle too; they are upset with me because I am late", she said, dropping her sad eyes, and vanishing into a dark abyss.

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  • Achref Bennani

    Hi Ellen J. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, some families deny their children the right to realize their full potential. Unfortunately, some repressive families (or even overprotective ones) whether intentionally or not, suppress children's or teens' desire to do what they want to do and what they believe is good for them. Yes, the reader can easily feel pity for the girl in the story; the gender perspective is equally significant here.

    6 months ago
  • delete

    A bit of a chastising tale here. I can’t help but feel sad for the little girl in this story having all her things taken by her family. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for how family can shape us into what they want us to be, denying individuality sometimes.

    6 months ago