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✧ Challenge Completed ~ Writing Streak Challenge ~ Week 9: Daily Flashes ✧

May 27, 2020

DAY 3 - The Half-Burnt Candle 

Come to bed, you sleepy child, I’ll be your mother, stroking your head, I’ll be your father, carrying you to bed; you’ve had a long day and you need some rest, so please don’t threat, let me guide you on your way across a path made of my starlight, for they call me The Half-Burnt Candle that comes from the land of wax and fire, for my flames are my head, and your safety is my heart, til the end of my trail is nigh and my half-burnt glow shrinks goodbye. 

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  • Eblinn

    It feels like I'm reading a fairy tale, this is wonderful!

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    I love the personification you have here; this almost reads like a lullaby! It's so pretty!

    6 months ago