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Hi, I'm Trini! (she/her)
I love:
-music, classical (I play piano & oboe) or otherwise
-Nintendo video games

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Hey all! I'm not really sure what to say here.

If you're wondering about my avatar, it's from the And Then There Were None movie. I'll just leave it at that because it's a long story otherwise :p

Writing Streak Week 9 Day 1

May 25, 2020


She lifts her head, thoughts threatening to spill out of her mouth, thoughts she has carefully nurtured and pruned over the years, thoughts that are now in full bloom--but the people around her have been deeply rooted into the ground, so intertwined that digging up one would uproot the rest, so she lowers her head again and makes sure to keep her mouth closed.
This rambles a bit... but I like it.


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