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Please don't ever change

June 7, 2020



    The four children sitting on the field bordering the Baltic Sea were as unassuming as the rest of their fellow Danes. Denmark had known only peace for as long as the people remembered, removing themselves often from other European affairs. They enjoyed life as they enjoyed their pretty harbors, their sprawling hills, and their quaint cities.
    But change was inevitable, as it has been since creation.
    The four children did not think of change, however. At the moment, they preferred not to, although Arianna knew it was coming. Even as a nine-year old, she knew. She never liked not knowing, after all.
    “When you grow up, what do you want to do?” Bianca piped up suddenly, as she often did when starting conversations. Arianna twirled a dandelion in her fingers as she pondered the question.
    “Why are you always asking such serious questions?” a boy with dark hair moaned and threw his head back, staring at the cloud-dotted sky.
    “Martin, I don’t always!” Bianca retorted, sitting up straighter, directing a pointed glare towards him. The boy shook his head and laughed.
    “Why don’t you answer the question, Anton?” Arianna leaned forward to get a better look at her younger brother, picking at the grass beside Martin.
    “Eh, I don’t know what I want to do,” he shrugged.
    Arianna rolled her eyes. “Descriptive as always, Anton.”
    “What about you Ari?” Bianca smiled at her longtime friend, the first friend she had made ever since she had moved from Italy to live with her Danish aunt.
    Ari grinned. “I’m not answering until Martin answers.”
    “Ugh,” the boy sagged.
    “Come on,” Ari swept some of her loose pale-colored hair from her face. “You never talk about this kind of stuff.”
    “Except with Anton,” Bianca added which earned agreement from Ari.
    Martin threw up his hands. “Fine. But Ari goes first.”
    Arianna laughed to herself at the ridiculousness of their childish ways. But she enjoyed it nevertheless. It was what she knew and she hoped it never changed.
    “I would like to be a nurse, perhaps,” Ari said. “I’d help people, at least.”
    “Maybe you’ll get really good at piano and travel the world and play for everybody!” Bianca exclaimed and clasped her hands.
    Ari blushed. “Oh stop, Bianca. You’re always dreaming big for me.”
    “Alright, your turn, Martin,” Bianca whipped around to face him so fast, her brown hair went flying in the air.
    “He wants to be a war general,” Anton answered for his friend and immediately Martin rejected the idea.
    “When did I ever say that?!” Martin whacked the blonde-haired boy on the arm.
    “You told me once. Remember that time?”
    “No, when?”
    “Remember? And then you told me about…you know…”
    “Guys!” Ari interjected, exasperated by her brother’s frequent vague conversations with Martin where neither one quite knew what the other was talking about.
    Bianca shook her head, sighing in frustration. “You two and your secrets. One day, one of you is going to do something drastic and life-changing and we’ll never know about it.”
    “Okay,” Martin shifted in his seat. “I do not want to be a war general anymore. But…I don’t know, being a missionary would be nice.”
    While Ari nodded in approval, Bianca gasped with delight. “Yes, that sounds amazing! Then you’d get to travel the world!”
    “Because that’s the important part about missionary work,” Ari teased.
    “Hey, I might as well get to sightsee while I’m doing it,” Bianca crossed her arms.
    Her best friend patted her on the shoulder. “You’ll see cities like Paris one day.”
    “So what about you, Bianca?” Anton let some grass blades fall from his hand. “What do you want to do?”
    “Besides travel,” Martin added.
    “I’m not entirely sure,” Bianca gazed at the ships in the harbor and admired how the sun glinted off the water. “It’d be cool to leave an impact on the world, don’t you think?”
    “Yes!” Martin exclaimed and fell onto his back on the grass. “I want to change the world someday!”
    “How?” Ari inquired.
    “Ask me again in ten years,” Martin grinned. “But…it’ll be something totally amazing.”
    “I’d like to do that too,” Bianca brought up her legs, close to her chest. “But I don’t think I could. I’m not that type of person. You guys are all smarter than me and have so many talents…”
    “You have your own strengths as well,” Ari was quick to reply.
    “Like what?”
    “You like to travel,” Martin suggested.
    Bianca scrunched her eyebrows and frowned at him. “How is that a strength?”
    Martin put up his hands. “I don’t know! Just…throwing things out there. You don’t have to get so mad.”
    “I’m not—oh, forget it.”
    “In time, Bianca, we’ll see what your gift is,” Ari smiled. “And I’m sure whatever it is, you’ll do something incredible.” She paused and looked at the other three. “We all will.”
    “Pfft, like that’ll happen,” came Bianca’s scoff.
    “Ugh, why are you so pessimistic?” Martin threw dead leaves at her.
    “Well sorry if I’ve insulted you.”
    “Come on, Anton,” Martin picked himself up and started for the harbor. “Let’s head down to the water.”
    Anton rose as well and soon the two were in stride, walking so close their shoulders bumped at times.
    Bianca sighed. “That went well.”
    Ari simply closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the familiarity of the recent scene. Perhaps they would all fulfill their dreams. Perhaps not.
    But even if one of them changed the world, she hoped nothing would ever change between them.
an excerpt from a story my friend and I are writing called "The Ink in Between" (This piece is set in the 1930s)
I'd love to hear feedback about the characters and their interactions, what you think of them. Also, if you have any tips about writing dialogue from the 1930s/1940s, that would be much appreciated, cos I don't know what I'm doing XD

Check out another piece from the story that takes place a few years after this: 
But all I can do is wait


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