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May 24, 2020


Hey guys! Here are my Q&A answers:):) I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe get to know me better.
Feel free to comment regarding my answers,its so fun to talk about these things !
Here we go ! The questions are un the order of whose questions were first.

Cherryn :
What was your favourite cartoon when you were little?

Literally anything Disney.We watched so many princess movies.Also i was a huge barbie fan.Oh and Winnie the Pooh lol

Pure heart :
Just out if curiosity, what is your myers-briggs personality type (if you don't know and you want to know, you can always take on online test.)

I dont know,sorry.I actually tried taking the test but it wanted my email and i got scared haha,

If you can't be bothered to do the above, which I completely understand, here's another question:
What is your favourite childhood book, and current favourite?

childhood one is probably Pollyanna.It was just so cute and made me want to be a better person.
current is ..ugh this is so hard.I would say the Water Fire saga series or Anne of Green Gables..

Doodleninja :
What's your favorite animal? Or current fave at least :D

umm a DOG.My favourite are Golden Retrievers.They are just the sweetest things,they make you feel like you have a bestfriend.
other is probaly a giraffe because i can.

And then what are some of your hobbies besides writing?

i have so many.Reading,swimming(lol you know that by now) i like sports and singing, literally none of my friends know i like to sing.Oh oh and acting.

MuslimQueen06 :
Favorite book, and why of course. ;)

sorry i can't choose, but one of them is definetely Pride and Prejudice.( i can never spell defenetly lol thats wrong)

Ideas or plans for career?
its always changing.Right now i want to be a psycologist,specifically for children.
i think im good at understanding how people feel and making them feel better would be a DrEaM.

If you could visit a place anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Greece.Its just so beautiful and have you seen those blue waters?

Autumn rain :
If you had to be a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?

I think Grapes.Because they are always there and sweet but people dont really appreciate them as much.
Do you play any instruments/What would you like to play?
I used to play the piano but then i lost interest,Now im learning the ukelele and i love it.Fun fact: i saw grace vanderwaal playing one while she sang then i was like ooohhh lala

lianabanana! :

What's your favourite quote?

" be kind to others because you dont know what they're going through."
and alot more that i don't remember .

What are you currently reading?
Persuasion by Jane Austen.

Do you have any pets?
I have a dog.He is a Yorkie and his name is Nugget.haha

Mountain, beach or city?
ok i love all 3 but i choose the beach obviously because i love swimming!

Tapasya :
1.What's your favorite food?

Anything Italian.

2.Do you read mangas? If yes which is your favorite one and why?
no sorry,i don't read them.

poetri :
Congrats! You totally deserve this.
1. Why/how did you choose your username?

This is an interesting question.I dont really remember lol sorry.I'm just a happy person and I love butterflies.I think they are so poetic and romantic and beautiful and I love seeing them in poetry so I combined both.That was a lame answer ,apologies

2. What is your dream job?
Right now is psycologist,but i also would love to be a teacher.

3. Favorite movie?

I have so many.I love Marvel movies.I loved the Greatest Showman .Oh and Jason Bourne.I also love the 2nd princess diaries lol.But seriously

4. Favorite tv show?
Mr Monk- it was just perfection.
and Merlin was really good.
oh and we started watching Downton Abbey ,which we got really invested in ,it was so good but then all my favourite characters died so i couln't take it.

5. Do you know your enneagram type? If so, what is it?
no sorry,i dont know.

6. Favorite piece you've written on wtw?
i think probably,'Im going to stare out my window and pretend that you love me ,okay?' lol such a long title. This piece is really close to me and i like how it turned out.oh oh and i like " I'm not going to walk past you while you cry".

7. Must have article of clothing?
uh i dont know .A shirt lol? actually I love just a simple shirt with shorts.
Accessory wise - I love anklets.There is one on my ankle right now that I haven't taken off in 4 months lol.Its so stretched now.Also i have a seashell necklace that i love,it means a lot to me cause my mom made it,i literally never take it off

8. Favorite season?
Summer,just everything about it.The memories,the beach,the sun,the watermelon haha

Just_A_Memory :
1) The tea test. If you were given a cup of tear filled to the brim at a party, what would you do with it? (This can tell a lot about one's character)

ok ok.I know exactly.So like i would chug it if the person wouldn't leave me because i don't want to be rude.BUT when they left i'd probaly hide it somewhere to blend in,so noone would see.Hope i get good results hehe

2) Do you have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names?
Dog,he is a yorkie and his name is Nugget and i call him Nuggie.

3) Favorite book, author, or series?
look above .For author i have many.Jane Austen,Rick Riordan,Jennifer Donnelly.

4) Who was your biggest inspiration to start writing? Why did it impact you so greatly?
I felt like I wanted to let out my feelingsSo i started writing songs but i felt like there was something missing,and i wasnt really proud of them.I felt like they needed more depth that i couldn't write in a song.Then someone i knew was on wtw and told me about it.So i tried writing a few poems and i loved it.
It has impacted me in...i think my creativity is being let out.And i love that i can make an art out of my feelings.I was looking for something that I would enjoy doing and could create.I love writing about my feelings

Coolgirl2020 :

What Hogwarts House are you in?
I am a mix between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

What Greek god or goddess are you the child of (Percy Jackson)?

Are you an Empath or a Telepath?
I am definitely an empath.

What is your spirit animal?
i just took a test.I am a cancer crab lol.But it sounds accurate."you are scared to show outsiders your feelings. And hideunder a shell but when people earn your trust you become close and become very open.You are a loyal friend."

What is your one weakness (ex: my weakness is good books)?
my weakness ..i have so many.I think i care too much about what people think and im hurt very easily.

If you had to pick one book to read forever and never read another book, what would you pick?
Pollyana,because its a good story with good morals,to help me to strive to become a better person.
Or the Magisterium.Or any classic.

Ellen J :

Where did your username Happy Butterfly come from? What does it mean and what makes it so unique to you?

see above<3

Lone wolf:

1. What strong female character in any book series do you relate to the most? (ex. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson)

uh i don't really think i'm that similar to any of them.I think i am a bit like Annabeth in the way she puts too much pressure on herself and has high expectations of herself. Right now I can't think of a character that I'm truly similar to.

2. What would be your ideal superpower? (psionics, flight, mind-reading, etc.)
100% flight because im basic.no really .oh oh and superspeed because then i could have more time to do what i want.
Also who doesn't want to be able to run super fast.
In a way I would like to read people's minds but I know it would be unhealthy for me.

3. Who's your favorite Marvel superhero?
Probably Captain America because he is so noble and loki is hilarious.Also Black Panther and Black Widow.Ok I think you can tell that I can't choose!

4. Butter toast or peanut butter and jelly sandwich? XD
umm im weird so i don't really butter but sometimes i do.I prefer it to PB&J .I tried that once and i don't get it lol.Maybe it's an american thing

YES ,girrrll i do not understand why people don't.please don't come at me

kealoha :
What is something that can always make you happy?

laughter,if anyone laughs it automatically makes me laugh.Such a great feeling...
My friends also always make me happy

One thing you couldn't stop laughing over

ok story time .So a few boys in my class were like wrestling.Lets call him jo.So 2 boys were holding both Jo's arms and he had a muffin in one hand.He was fighting and then midway he looks at his muffin and then against the force of the hand holding back his arm,he starts opening his mouth wide and struggle to reach and take a bite.My friends and i died of laughter.Hope that made sense.

Favorite ice cream flavor
chocolate or Mint chocolate chip

Favorite thing to write about
i think you can probaly tell i like writing about hearbreak and heart pains.i just like writing about love lol

The Dreamer:

Who or what inspires you and what do you do to get inspired when you're blocked?

I write mostly from experience,so I guess what I live is my inspiration.Sometimes I exaggerate what's happening to make the poem better.Sometimes I make up a character.Or sometimes a thought just randomly springs into my head and it turns into a poem.I use my feelings as inspi.I don't write when I have writers block because you can't force it.

Samina :
Embarrassing memory.

i'm am literally walking embarassing machine.I have soo many.One time i was talking too much in class so i was shouted at and asked if i wanted to leave...i cried silently into my textbook lol wasn't funny then.

Also in 5th grade for some stupid reason I told my crush's bestfriend who I liked.Then it came back and bit me in 7th grade.We were in math.then randomly the boy announced to the whole class and teacher that I liked my crush

One thing you hate about yourself ( if you want you could answer)
I hate how i care so much about what people think of me.

What is your guilty pleasure?
ChOcLaTe. not good for my health and quarantine is not helping

Any weird food combination that is good enough to try.
i think this is considered weird.I like dipping those hot blue doritos in yoghurt.Its actually really good.so come at me lol please don't

What has been your best moment this year (so far)?
Probably any moments i spent with my friends at school.

One thing you could change about the world.
Consideration for others feelings.People should care more about others feelings and try not to hurt them.

One stereotype you hate the most.
That people who get good grades are robots and don't have any interests,feelings,or personality.
oh and i'm not saying everyone thinks this but when we went to the US my cousins thought that South Africa  had no infrastructure whatsoever,that we were all bushmen and lived in mud huts and we had lions in our gardens.Also they thought we didn't where clothes here.Like please educate yourselves.

What’s your biggest fear?
Losing everyone i love or care about.
and any form of losing oxygen like suffocating whether thats drowning,or in a confined space.Because that is a very painful and sufferable death. Is sufferable a word?

If you were the President for a day what would you do?
I don't want to answer this wrong.i've never been in that position so i don't know what i would do or what's best.Hopefully i would improve something. oh one of them would be providing jobs for the homeless or unemployed.

If you got one superpower what would it be?
see above;)

True love or your career(dreams)
career is already answered.My thoughts on true love is..it's real and it's precious.Don't take advantage of it.Oh and i want it.

Where do you hope to be five years from now? Ten? Fifteen?
5 years=hopefully in my dream university and have made good friends.
ten= have my dream job and am just happy.
15= my dream job,i'm married to my true love and have children.Living a happy life.


batman_is_a_cracker :
Tell me a story about your most embarrassing crush. One that you look back on and ask "why??"
ughh... Last year i had a cush on this guy.He was actually quite rude.I don't know why i liked him.And every once in a blue moon when he said something nice to me ,i was convinced that he was amazing.But he was just rude to everyone. I was being really stupid

2. What's your favorite color to wear? To see? To use?
to wear...i just checked my closet lol i don't know .Someone told me i look nice in white ,blue and black so i guess?
to see is probably green or blue.I love the sky and grass.
i don't know what to use means.I guess in objects i like blue.

3. Which aesthetic? (i.e. cottagecore)
I'm sorry I really don't know what that is I googled it but I still don't understand.

4. Any pets? Names, breed, species.
answered above;)

5. Favorite movie(s)?
Jason Bourne,Avengers Age of Ultron,Black Panther.oh I can't believe I didn't mention this before.I LOVE TANGLED

6. Favorite song(s)?
Anything by alec Benjamin.I love how he tells stories with so much emotion.
worse by New Hope Club.

7. Gummy bears or jelly beans?
are you kidding me? is this even a question? gummy bears belong with me.

8. Lollypops or jolly ranchers?
i do not know what a jolly rancher is so lollypops

9. Favorite musical?
ok.So i live in a really small town and we have a small theatre.They don't have PROPER musicals.They make up their own or use disney movies lol.So i haven't actually watched a proper musical like the ones you have.But i really want to .Please don't come at me.But i do love theatre.

10. Favorite musician?
Alec Benjamin

11. Something you're proud of (besides the 50+ followers, congrats btw)
Thanks x.I'm proud of how loyal i am.Even though i'm too loyal and it hurts me sometimes i think its a good quality.Also i am quite proud of my recent poems because i'm so happy to call it my work and that i created something.I feel like my writing has improved and i'm kinda finding my style so ya
hope that didn't come off as egoistic.

12. Your favorite piece (that you wrote)
I'm not going to walk past you while you cry.
I'm just going to stare out my window and pretend that you love me,okay?
and probably Now he's dancing with Eliza because i worked soooo hard on it i wrote like 20 drafts\versions to get it right.

13. Your favorite piece (that someone else wrote)
oh i love this question.I'm going to list a few because these writers deserve it.
- Yellow Moments by And_The_Stars_Laughed
-Even the sun must darken today by Anne Blackwood
- Awe by Two Heartbeats
There are way more but that would take too long.

14. If you had to choose between killing the love of your life or dying, what would you choose and why? (Would you want to go through the pain of grieving them? Or would you want to inflict that pain on them?)
i would rather die.I wouldn't be able to live with killing anyone first of all.Second,i definitely can't kill someone i love .3,i couldn't live without them.4,i would die of heartbreak and guilt.

15. Any siblings? Older? Younger?
I have a sister who is older.

16. Favorite thing about yourself appearance-wise

um, maybe my hair.It's a really dark brown that looks black and i like the colour.

17. Favorite thing about yourself personality-wise

I think I'm loyal and care about other's feelings.
Hope this doesn't sound egoistic

18. A place you've always wanted to visit.
I said Greece before but i would also love to go to Hawaii or the bahamas.

19. A place you never want to leave when you go their (i.e. the park or a diner)
The beach, a swimming pool.My bed in the morning.Oh and my friends house.

20. If you could travel back in time, what piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Stop caring so much about what others think( i still do but i have improved i swear lol)
Stand up for yourself.
Don't let anyone make you feel inferior.
Don't stick with fake friends even if you're desperate for friendship.
I listed a few because I was literally clueless lol

Thanks for reading! Hope my answers were somewhat fun and maybe we have things in common?
Comment "survived the wrath" if you made it to the end<3



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    So I woke up to TWENTY FREAKING NOTIFICATIONS. Only one of them wasn't you. Once I got past the heart attack, I was (am) so grateful. Thank you!!
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    Replying: Ohhh like cool ranch probably. I was like "Is Doritos shipping all the cool stuff to South Africa? They're holding out on us! First Kit-Kat, now Doritos!?"

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