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If My Life Were A Story

May 24, 2020


If my life were a story,
Every page would be filled with
I don’ts,
Cascading, spiralling,
To the bottom of my heart,
This cold, kindred soul,
That knows neither good nor evil.

If my life were a story,
I would be both the
Hero and
              The villain.
And the ink would be smudged
With tears,
Big and fat and salty.
And the pages blotted,
To fill up the holes,
The spaces between the lines.
But no matter how much
You try to dry those wet pages,
They will always, 
Look the same. 

If my life were a story
No one would win,
And no one would lose.
Because you have to race to win.
                                                 And my
legs cannot hold up my shoulders.
No one would be lost
And no one would get found
We would all swim 
Through murky waters.
One arm,
             After the other,
For infinity.

If my life were a story,
It would never end.
And it would never be read
Because there is no peak,
No climax,
No arc.
Just me, diligently swimming,
Patiently swimming, 
Into the distance.

But my life is not a story,
And yet,
I still swim.

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1 Comment
  • rosemarywisdom

    This piece is so beautifully structured! The spacing works for the style of the poem, and even fits the meaning behind it. The last stanza is especially effective. Well done!

    6 months ago