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Due to recent, very upsetting actions by the WtW team (and their ignoring of any criticism of the site), I've decided to leave the community. I wish I could tell you where to find me on Twitter and Prose, but the very reason I am rewriting this is because my previous message was deleted for having the audacity to share where you can contact me. I wish you all the best.


A Letter to my Future Self #cherry

May 24, 2020



    Is your hair still brown?
        Or did you find the courage to go blue and aposematic?

I want there to be sand in the wind dusting your face as you stare down at a map in the desert where x marks the spot as you scrawl notes hastily in a leather journal-- the predecessor to your greatest book yet.

        Do gentle hands brush the curve of your hip while Andrea Bocelli sings softly somewhere in the distance?
Do you still get paper cuts? Does the sting still invigorate you? Like salt in the wound, does your life vivify you? 

            Has dad continued the cycle of his father and his grandfather before that? Is mom still gentle and passive with fire only in the deepest depths of her feet? Has she started painting birds on teacups again? 
                        Do you still hang her birds on teacups?

Have you read The Mists of Avalon yet? She's been sitting on your shelf for sixth months and she's at her breaking point. 

    If you become someone I can love then promise me, dear, do not let sorrow become poetic to you.



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