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This poem is about the emotions of being depressed/sad ! Would love you to comment opinions of it and what you thought!

Gladness - An emotion I never knew #ollie1stcomp #SomethingUnique

June 9, 2020


My sadness is a hollowness.
I can't tell you what's worse.
Its like drowning in a sea,
Or an unforgiving curse. 

Sometimes my hollowness is a shell,
holding in a thousand oceans of tears.
Sometimes though, it holds a thousand pieces of glass, 
Wedged in between my soul and each of my body’s hairs.

That's the pain.
I don't want to get up. 
I don't want to move at all. 
Unable to even reach for my coffee cup. 

Sometimes though,
like when I had my first kiss,
I had kept my eyes open so all I could see were his freckles.
Each one told a story, I didn't want to miss.

But when my cat died,
I didn't cry.
I just stood there.
Unable to open my eye.

 That's the scariest thing.

Sometimes I am somebody,
somebody in pain and sadness. 
But sometimes I nobody,
Never knowing the existence of gladness.
                                           and I don't seem to exist at all...

Full Disclosure ***
I have never had my first kiss or any kind of pet so these are not personal experiences. The emotions I can relate to though!

For prompt 2 of Ollie Octopus' contest which you can find here! Go give some love and enter the contest!
Please also have a look at my contest and have a go at entering!! Happy Writing!


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  • Emi

    I love how you put examples in here of how this girl might react so that you show her emotions (or lack of emotions) in the piece.

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    The results for my comp are out!

    5 months ago
  • Fernweh

    This is so beautiful, honestly.

    Thanks for entering my competition! This certainly fits the prompt 6 as this poem represents one of the greatest emotions - sadness. Prompt 6 required true and raw emotions and you delivered them wonderfully!

    Also, if possible, try and enter other prompts too. I guarantee that all of them are unique in one way or another!

    Link -

    6 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    So beautiful and a lovely rhythm, as always :)

    6 months ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    Replying: Awwh thanks for your kind comments!!

    The memory is partially true for a matter that I thought I could fix but realised it was out of my reach if the other person (whom I was very close to) did not care for what they were doing. Still makes me feel like I could be doing something but thankfully I have come to that conclusion (painful but the honest truth)

    Have a nice day :)

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Wow! I think this poem is amazing! Thanks for entering!

    6 months ago
  • The Midnight One

    This is beautiful, and heartwrenching. Wonderful piece. Best o' luck!

    Reply: Thank you ever so much!

    6 months ago