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i'm over it

May 23, 2020


tears taste sweet
puddled with lies
carving streams into faces
and evaporating with light
now tears have dried
they've crystallized
eyes have hardened to glass
thinking you saw something in them
but my eyes were tinted
so it was just the reflection of you
looking back at me

I see your eyes through your mouth
and the way your eyes gleam
are the words you spit out
to accompany your observations
projected onto your face
you pick flowers you see other people gather
and dump them in your own vase

the chill of your brashness
has rubbed my nose raw
and your backtracking blaming
denying what I saw
I've turned away
the space between us has pushed itself 
farther than you'd ever accept

i'm over it
once it clicks,
i'm over it
you've numbed my guilt 
and sense of alarm
i'm over it
can't pull my eyes away from the trainwreck you orchestrated
i'm over it

*terrible grammar and punctuation is a result of laziness and stylistic choice

wrote this poem after a toxic friendship. I found it in my poetry portfolio after clearing out my school locker and thought 'why not'? The couple of sentences at the end of the second to last verse through the rest of the poem I just edited and improvised to reflect how I feel about the events that ocurred for me to write this funky thing of a poem. So yeah... I'm over everything now I guess. I'm at a new place in my life than I was last year. Life moves fast my dudes, don't waste it on people who don't deserve your endless, crazy trains of thought. Anyways this is a crazy time, I hope everyone is staying safe and is feeling somewhat okay. I haven't been on this site in a while, I just kinda forget it exists and... yeah. Also if you're a sound-sensory-person and want something to listen to while reading this (this is random and if anyone is reading this footnote enough to get to this kudos) I listend to the song 'meander' by Elizabeth on repeat while writing up this whole thing. Absolute bop!! Alright, it's getting late. Hope whoever reads this is in a creative and postive state of mind and is healthy and safe. 

write free <3


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  • sophiethesinger

    KATE! Your writing style is gold!This is one of the best pieces I've read in forever! And same I just came back after a year, it's such a wholesome community and so freeing to just rant to people you don't know ahaha

    5 months ago
  • Kahte

    thanks that really means a lot to me! I wrote this poem a while ago and I remember being pretty upset and expressive at the time.

    6 months ago
  • Just_Those_Christmas_Memories (#Holidayvibes)

    Beautiful! I think my favorite stanza was the first one though. Really caught my attention.

    6 months ago