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it was never meant to be

May 27, 2020



It was August and sweat was rolling down my skin when I knew it was never meant to be. 
The cool ocean breeze didn't help much with adding some needed lower temperatures. The harbor aroma of fish and seawater and coffee surrounded us as we sat on the barstools at the tables underneath the white tent. 
I didn't have money. 
But my friend had discovered a secret that if you ask for some whipped cream, the barista will scoop a dollop into a little white cup for free.
So I ate my whipped cream with my finger. 
Around me friends and acquaintances laughed and conversed. I didn't say much. I've never said much.
Especially not in front of him.
Yes, it was August, we were at the beach, and sweat was rolling down my skin, from the heat and probably from the nervousness as well.
He was sitting right there, across from me, with his sunglasses and impeccable hair, sipping on whatever drink he had got from the coffee stand. 
He was right there as he always was. I was always there too. But I never tried anything. I hid my face, I shut my mouth, in fear of tripping all over myself, whether physically or in words. Usually in words. 
I've never said much. 
And just like always, I faded into the background, a shadow in the throng of talkers, and socialites, and he paid attention to them, just like always.
And maybe that was reason enough to know it was never meant to be.
But it wasn't.
I guess God wanted to give me a clearer sign.
Because it was when he spoke.
And he said "I like your shirt".
And like a meteor shower, thoughts zigzagged across the sky of my mind until they exploded onto the surface.
His sunglasses hid his eyes. But his face was turned to me. But what if he meant someone behind me? 
Is he talking to me?
Is he talking to her?

All I could do was stare. That's all I can ever do.
I cowered at the possibility to look like a fool. 
Not in front of him. 
I couldn't afford another mistake. Not in front of him. 
So playing it safe, just like always, I nodded. Slightly.
I stared at my reflection in his shades.
I wanted to say something. To just say something for once in my life. 
But it was too sudden. Too out of the blue. 
I thought for too long.
I hesitated. 
Another mistake.
And then he kept talking.
And a moment too late I realized: 
He was talking about me.
He did say it to me.

The one time he addressed me in that whole period of time. 
All I could do was blink like an idiot. Because I don't want to look like a fool.
The conversation continued. 
There was a shark on my shirt and so they talk about "Jaws".
I didn't even acknowledge. I didn't even say thanks. 
It was all set up so perfectly.
So that I would be made the fool. So that I would stumble, so that I would hesitate, so that my brain would work too hard for its own good. 
And that's when I knew, and that's when you know:
it was never meant to be. 

yes, this was a real-life experience. Gosh, having that crush made me realize so many things about me, both good and bad. 
Leave it to me to make a whole big dramatic scene about a compliment on a shirt XD
Written for Prompt 6 in the contest hosted by lindsmariebuck


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  • ElsaRee

    WOW!! And I loved the message to the writers..So tragic and true..

    6 months ago