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special mention for a horned girl and ivory hills ;) ;).

i love you all. seriously, thank you so much.

no q+a yet... this thing felt a LOT egotistical but i enjoyed it.

(reading this back and seeing the typos...) note: i reached 50 followers with 'the moon has your eyes', not 20.

50 follower special | #favlines>faveworks+announcement

May 25, 2020



(in no particular order) my favorite lines from my favorite pieces+the stories behind them (please bear with me as i revisit my old pieces): 

"i am blind, pupil-less platinum eyeballs / i will stand, your legend speaks"
'a legend's lifespan' (came out of the simple urge to just 'write'. listened to 'sleeping at last' to get into the mood)

"Even if you're not as 'brilliant' as him doesn't mean you don't have something he doesn't."
—'senior year: a short story' (#PrompyCompy5. spent a few nights on this and i'm pretty proud of the results. first comp i ever entered)

"the shadow of your hand could be used as an umbrella. we grin under it like right fools, blowing bubbles through your long fingers and falling into the cracks of your bitten nails."
'where traces of you still remain, soft against the stars' (first attempt at 'descriptive' poetry after my angry vent phase)

"we coexist in different realities, but thank you for sharing a layer of you with me."
'to the writers at Write the World: thank you' (was feeling apologetic so i wrote a gratitude piece instead) 

"there's a hole in the sky / our apathetic eyes scan over it, pathetic / what does darkness have on us?"
'the end is near, the point past adulthood' (second attempt at descriptive poetry. success and i've stuck with it since)

"even my bed smells like nosebleed now / with your cold breath moistening my nape / your limbs splayed across the sheets, asleep / i long to pick you apart, sweetheart"
'it goes both ways: mutualism' (honorable mention for one of the favorite pieces i've ever written)

"another pair of eyes, my collarbone splits open to accommodate / change my name again to fit my body"
'mushroom mouth and mirror eater' (1/3 of the favorite pieces i've ever written. it's an acid trip but i love it)

"funny, how you dip your fingers into the stratosphere daily / an azure ink calligraphy, experienced cloud climber / using your weathered hands— / you scale the sky"
'untouchable idol' (a dedication piece to a rose)

"you, damned and decomposed beneath the air pressure of an oxygenated country capsule/ curse me, curse you, curse the inevitability of youth's decay"
'corrumpuntur' (very experimental, but i enjoyed writing it to a great extent)

"if for one moment, the world could quiet down so we can pay respects to our fleeting lives / nothing can be grabbed with my small hands, nothing can remain the way it is"
'we are forever young' (i was high on 'young forever' by BTS and the departure of a writer i admired very much) 

"​the light of the sky was brighter than the dark of the cave"
'sunburnt shoulder smell sweeter than shadowed eyelids' (based off of 'Allegory of the Cave' by Plato) 

"your crown in flames, guilty as charged as i pour petrol over it / please love me again so that i don't deflagrate in this desperate hatred / please hold my hand so that i can still remember when we were once happy"  
'let fire engulf this magic island of ours' (for miss sunny.v after 'of crowns and wings and horns'. it was so fun to write this, especially weaving these TXT references throughout. went from 'magic island' to 'can't you see me'.) 

"there is no space for sin, no empathy for the demons, no one to listen to my endless, angry ramblings / no retribution for the envious?/ only justice" 
"prosecution of the envious" (2/3 of my favorite pieces i have ever written and the first piece to express 'my descent into resentment'. long story short, i was insecure and envious but i didn't want to deny myself those emotions so i wrote a poem instead. i love this so much. was very hard picking a single love i loved)

"i am green monster, envy and insecurity are the same things and i am both, bitterly living without moving on while subsisting on my leftover resentment for those who are taller than i am while being guilty, neverending cycle, this is my miserable 'neverland'" 
'i'm stuck in limbo and i'm bad at writing good titles so here ya go' (3/3 of the favorite pieces i've ever written and second installment in 'my descent into resentment'. BTS's 'Tomorrow' about sums this piece up. i was stuck.) 

"Applaud those effortless displays of insecurity security because saying what you think is wrong is easier than saying what you know is wrong?" 
'honesty tartare: rant' (final piece in 'my descent into resentment'. i was hesitant to publish this but a very good friend gave me the courage to. after a lot of frustrating editing, i published it. as expected, not many people read it but i was glad i got to express my thoughts. was high off of 'agust d2' and it reads almost like a rap? expressed my feelings that 'even though honesty is a strength, it's not depicted as one, and hiding your insecurities in plain sight is desirable) 

"​for you, i want to grab ahold of the sun and live like an evergreen tree, is that possible?" 
'the moon has your eyes' (character arc concluded. realized how much i loved this line when someone pointed it out in the comment section ;). this piece kinda raised me up? i got a badge and reached 20 followers with this piece, and i'm so grateful to it)  

AND WE'RE DONE! for everyone who read every quote and the note below it, thank you! for those who didn't, thank you for clicking on this anyways! 

ahem: i've said this to one or two people before but—thank y'all for all your love and support. i'm one of those people who finds it difficult to interact with other people on WtW and write comments and things like that, so i'm not really prevalent in the community. despite that, i've managed to have 50+ followers! thank you all, and thank you especially to those who keep dropping by! :) ily you all. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: by the end of this month of the middle of next month, i'm going to unpublish a lot of my old pieces from before May. just some spring/summer cleaning. if you wanna read them *scratches head* might be the last opportunity? don't have to, just a heads up if you find a lot of my stuff missing. 

anyways, THANK YOU FOR 50 FOLLOWERS (why do i keep thinking 'subscribers' in my head?!). i'll make sure to give y'all some good stuff in the future!  

*and also check out my follower list on my profile. admittedly, i'm too lazy to copy and paste links so you should just check them out on the actual list instead. follow them cuz they're all brilliant!* 

you made it down here? thank you! 


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    oop i'm a bit late on the bandwagon :/

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    Congratulations! So proud to be one of your followers! :D <3

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    Congrats! I'm so glad I'm one of your followers!

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    congrats!! you deserve every one :) here's to fifty more!!

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    congrats on 50 followers! i can't believe you've written over 100 pieces for this paltry sum - you deserve so much more. here's to 50 more! (like weirdo, sincerely apologising for not following you sooner)

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    congrats congrats my dear friend! when you said to look out for this, i was curious! and i admit that i wholeheartedly loved this. i eat up pretty lines like a...deer. that wasn’t the best simile. oh well. horned girl! winged girl, you deserve every one of those followers!! *imitates you scratching your head* hehe “untouchable idol” is time to inform said admired writer...of your gift bundle to them? hm...up to you! anyways congrats again! so excited to see what you’ll write in the future!!

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    Congrats on 50 followers! You deserve all of them:)

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