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just a melancholy, existential girl with a penchant for poetry, fairy tales, and magical realism.

Message to Readers

no matter what this poem might suggest, please don't actually become an arsonist! just a friendly PSA - everyone is already a phoenix :)

samsara smells like carbon

May 24, 2020


a phoenix first must burn;  
                                this is how you cull the fire from the feathers 
necromance the ashes into a new existence 
                                    and christen it reincarnation: the birthing 
                        of a serpentine soul, 
        the vise around your stillborn heart.

even chalcedony and agate
                    turn to onyx if you apply enough pressure;
                                            even ichor
    coagulates to cinders
                           if you incinerate it long enough.
        they say ashes to ashes
                                    so i say light it up;
burn the snakeskin on a pyre
                        and watch the phoenix



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  • black_and_red_ink

    Beautiful poem with vivid imagery. I love the way you formatted it. Makes it look like fire.

    6 months ago
  • Cressida

    Oh my gosh, this is such an astonishing piece! Your diction and word choice is amazing and the imagery is so well done. Like @elliemccul said, I don't know who gave you the permission to be so great at this, but your writing is definitely so amazing.
    "remember, /even chalcedony and agate / turn to onyx if you apply enough pressure; /even ichor / / coagulates to cinders / if you incinerate it long enough" utterly beautiful

    6 months ago
  • elliem

    This is so amazing! Are you KIDDING me? How can someone write something so beautiful? Who gave you p e r m i s s i o n to be such a good writer (and can I have some of that talent please?) :) Thank you for sharing this with the world. Beautiful!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    I died laughing reading the message to raiders and then was immediately impressed by the piece

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    "burn the snakeskin on a pyre and watch the phoenix rise. "this is positively gorgeous? i love how you mixed the idea of the phoenix and also the gems/ichor! beautiful and so, so powerful

    6 months ago
  • PouringOutTheSun

    “they say ashes to ashes so i light it up”

    holy hell that’s gorgeous. this whole thing is, really. the imagery of the phoenix and fires and pyres? extraordinary.

    6 months ago