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Kind of a mixed bag of every emotions who paints words like he's putting on armor.

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The word that comes to mind is parasite

May 23, 2020


I have attachment issues.

I can say that without hesitation.
The word that comes to mind is parasitic.

When someone's body is harmed against their will,
The mind seeks a home. 
The word that comes to mind is refuge.

What I'm realizing in my journey, however,
Is that everyone's ribs are a little closer together than mine.
The word that comes to mind is armor.

What I'm realizing,
Is some people don't have the stains of fingerprints on their hearts.
The words crime scene come to mind. 

Ahh yes that's it.
A crime scene.
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  • happy butterfly

    Replying: oh ok,I understand.Thanks for explaining:)

    8 months ago
  • Samina

    The word parasite fits very well in the context. Good job!
    P.S. my message to Whispers-How are you? I miss you alot...

    8 months ago