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Just how I've been feeling wrote this a while ago, so here's my work feel free to correct me on anything that I said. (I'm meaning typos)

Ticking away in silence

May 23, 2020


I'm drifting farther than I have ever before
The familiar path turns into one from a nightmare
But far in the distance
No specific direction the soft
Of an old pocket watch
I don't focus on it much just letting is flow through the other sounds
Rain puttering on an old barn rooftop
Soft sound of fire cracking
Next think I know I'm covered in darkness
I feel water flowing over my body as I float down the river I'm not swimming nor am I drowning
I hear the clock more in the silence
It's as if I feel the clock moving as it ticks
I find myself then on a path that has few markings or foot or paw prints
I still float down the path I can't stop it
I'm going through many different multiverses of my mind
The clock stops for a few moments
I start falling only now hearing the ticking in my mind, heart, body, my soul
Tick,Tick,Tick,Tick,Tick [×4 very fast imitating a heart beat]
I feel the clock moving in my chest
When it stops completely then my time is done the clock breaks inside
Once a clock has met it's end there is no fix and starting it again


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1 Comment
  • Joey M.

    Marvelous Darling, simply marvelous!

    6 months ago