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Dreams, come and go but ideas flow out this head of mine.

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I'm a creator of worlds. I bleed to put words on a page. I dream of people wondrous, creative and intelligent people, people I wish I knew. I put reveal my true self to others, inner thoughts, hopes, dreams and values.

I fill computer screens with words, paper with ideas, and my head with dreams.
I write stories and share them with you.

7 Stages Of Quarantine Being

May 23, 2020

PROMPT: Enumeration

Stage #1 - Confusion

What? A virus she said
Posted on her story, in China, a growing dread
She said, what will you do
Before the world changes around you
What do you mean?
Everything's okay, it'll stay the way it's always been

Stage #2 - A Growing Dread

Empty supermarket shelves
Hurried, frantic, only thinking of themselves
Fewer people on the streets
The vibrant urban culture depletes
Signs in the chemist, stay away
More appearing in shops every day
No... surely it's not here
So quick, too fast, how come it's near?

Stage #3 - Loosing Hope

Photos remind me of the ghosts
Missing you the most
Shutter clicks, frozen in time
Pixely photos trying to show the nighttime
Captured every high and low
Sunsets and smiles overexposed
Things will never be the same
My former life is just a picture in a frame

Stage #4 - Desperation

Creativity slipping, slipping away
It gets harder every single day
Never satisfied with what I create
No, this cannot be my fate
How can I breathe, how can I be
If even my words fail me?

Stage #5 - Darkest Hour

Every part of me hurts
I keep my mouth shut in case something hurtful my mouth blurts
Out in fear, not meaning what I say
I'm a wreck, so isolated, everything so far away
What is happening to me?
How I wish I were free
Oh, help me, please, someone
I'm losing it, I'm coming undone

Stage #6 - Calming Relief

No, says a voice, whispering in my ear
Don't let it defeat you, don't give in to fear
Wait, breathe, just hold on
Don't lose yourself, focus on the everyday goings-on.
Slow down, and take it one day at a time
In the end, it's going to be fine

Stage #7 - Acceptance, Yet Yearning

It's not forever, I know now
Someday, they shall lift the things they disallow
This shall pass
It's not going last
I know, one day, it's going to end
But... when?


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  • Tapasya

    It's amazing!!!
    You've written it so beautifully.!.

    2 days ago