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“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”
—Stephen King
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“The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes."
—Andre Gide

“Literature is strewn with the wreckage of men who have minded beyond reason the opinions of others.”
—Virginia Woolfe

So I've been trying for a while to come up with something inspirational to put in my message box, but I can't think of anything so all I can offer you is my genuine best wishes. I hope you find inspiration within every step and find joy wherever you end up. I hope that the written word heals you and helps you find yourself in the way that it does for me. I wish you the best. <3

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May 23, 2020


Yay! 25 pieces published! (Well, 27 when I publish this.) I know that I should focus on quality over quantity, but there’s no way to improve at writing other than actually writing. So commence with the celebration of publishing 25 pieces on WtW! Yay!

So here’s the thing. I want to start publishing a series on WtW, and I have a few ideas but I can’t decide which to do. Please, please comment your thoughts and let me know which one you would be most likely to read and give feedback on. You can just comment to vote which option, but I would really appreciate it if you explained why you chose that one too.

Here are my ideas: 
  1. A story about a secret spy agency run by high schoolers at a high school. They recruit kids and have missions and all that fun spy stuff. The story would center around a character that is recruited and learns something that affects their personal life. 
  2. A story with time travel! Not necessarily time machines; I’m thinking prophecies and portals. More fantasy oriented than sci-fi. The characters would be normal realistic teens that encounter this system of moving through the realms of time. 
  3. A story about a group of unrelated teens that only know each other by name. They are connected in a way they never thought would be possible. They find out that they each have magic powers or something like that. This idea could branch out in many different directions. 
  4. A story about a few teen ballet dancers and the drama between them. There would be some romance, but it would also have matters of friendship and loss and of course, dance. Just, you know, typical melodramatic teen stuff. 
  5. A story about writer(s)! There might be magic involved, like maybe they are literally writing the world. Whatever they write comes true. Or it could be a realistic story about the writer and the story that they are writing. It would probably switch between the two stories although they would be intertwined: reality and the writer’s story. 

Some other things I need opinions on (sorry, I’m really indecisive):
  1. POV: Should I do first or third? Or *gulps nervously* second…? Should I stick with one character, or would you prefer if it changed POVS?
  2. What tense? (That question looks a lot weirder typed than it did in my head. Ha, sounds like most of my writing.) Not how tense should it be, hopefully there’s suspense involved regardless of what story I end up writing. What I meant was should I write in present or past tense for this story?
  3. How long should it be? How many chapter/section thingies and how long should the chapter/section thingies be?

Again, while it’s not required, an explanation would be deeply appreciated. (There are no guarantees that the option with the most votes will be the one I am writing, but I’ll definitely take your thoughts into consideration. I also might kinda mix and match them; like the characters from one idea but the plot from another.) 

From your friend, Master in the Art of Doing Things Later :)


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  • MarvelousMarshmallow

    Number 1 sounds pretty cool

    8 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Such a fan of number five!

    8 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    I really like number 1 and 3.I think number 1 could be really exciting and different ,with lots of adventure and great characters. Number 3 is a cool concept ,It could have great complex characters and you could make it hilarious
    I hope that helped.Goodluck!i know you'll fo great whatever you choose<3

    8 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    I also think that the fifth one would be really interesting. It’s a really unique idea and I think that it would be good to include a bit of realism (how the story they’re writing intertwines with their personal life and struggles), but to also include some kind of unexpected magical twist that somehow relates to their life and what they are writing about. (Sorry this is a bit vague!). At the same time, I also think the third idea would be great. Maybe you could find some way to combine them? Maybe they are all writing about each other or the same, unique topic or story and this somehow creates a magical connection between them? Just a few ideas. Anyway, sorry for rambling on! Hope this is somewhat helpful, and congrats!

    8 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Congrats! I think that your fifth idea sounds super unique and I'd love to see how you expand on that one. I feel like switching between different POVs is a really effective method to understand your characters better, so I think you should go with that. As for tense and chapters, past tense works for a lot of fantasy stories but it's entirely up to you. I can't wait to read the first part!

    8 months ago