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By: Destiny_the_writer

PROMPT: Flashlight

The sun was in the sky today 
peeking from grey clouds 
intent on masking it away
i gazed into the blue and started reciting my daily vows 

the sun was in the sky today 
I will not hurt others 
peeking from grey clouds 
I will not lie or steal

the sun was in the sky today 
I will exercise 
peeking from grey clouds
i will pray.

the sun was in the sky today 
and I shut my curtains 
with a harsh SWIIP
i closed my eyes
peacefully blanketed in lost hopes
as my head hit my pillow of delayed dreams 
and drifted off into all there was


Message to Readers

Rip it apart. The good, the bad and everything in between.

Peer Review

This is really rhythmic, which I LOVE! I really liked the repetitiveness of the first line, which made me want to keep reading

I don't really know, but this poem is amazing.

I really just like it.

Reviewer Comments

your poetry is fantastic, keep writing.