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the break and breathing of a postmodern sappho

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Due to recent, very upsetting actions by the WtW team (and their ignoring of any criticism of the site), I've decided to leave the community. I wish I could tell you where to find me on Twitter and Prose, but the very reason I am rewriting this is because my previous message was deleted for having the audacity to share where you can contact me. I wish you all the best.



May 22, 2020


i don't believe anyone is inherently good or bad-- everything they do and everyone they hurt is a matter of perspective. please explain to me how i'm supposed to feel anger if there is a psychological reasoning behind everything and everyone around us. 

i haven't decided if sorrow is poetic or not yet. i haven't decided if i was to live as lives do or if i want to be freedom incarnate. 

why do i despise the anti-intellectual mind? why do i need to notice the cognitive fallacies and dissonance in the way everyone walks and talks until i break? would i be happier ignorant? what would my father think? what would i think?

i don't think ethos arguments work on me. i can't bring myself to trust a soul that much. well-- i can. but trusting the way they love and the way they think are too vastly different. 

the smell of dirt brings me happy tears. 

why did stanza three contradict stanza one?

when the thoughts are on paper they are no longer my thoughts, my brain is unbothered of them. these are my thoughts for you.  


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  • Cressida

    I don’t know why, but all of these thoughts are written so poetically and expertly. They all flow together even though there isn’t necessarily one big, cohesive idea between all of them. And you diction/word choice? I love it! And the rhetorical questions in stanza (paragraph?) 3 really add to the entire tone of that section. And the second section is so nicely worded, especially the first sentence. Well done!

    7 months ago